Thursday, March 10, 2016

Why Little Man J is Little

Yes. I am well aware my blog basically died over these past several months. So much has happened that I can't even begin to catch up on. So I'll start with one of the big things.

If you follow me on Instagram, you've noticed all pictures of Joshua have the hashtag-#littlemanJ. I started using it when he was first born. I didn't know at the time however how real that little nickname would be.

Joshua was born 6 pounds, 6 ounces and 19 inches long, at 39 weeks. He was in the 10% for height and weight and remained right on his growth curve for the first two months.

When we went in for his 4 month check up, we found out he had completely dropped off the growth chart in height and weight! At the time, we didn't really know what was going on. I added back in more feedings to see if it made a difference. It didn't. For a few months we tried everything to get him to gain weight-I nursed him more often, offered a bottle after he nursed, pumped after each feeding, gave him solids.....and none of it made a difference. From birth, Joshua has always had a small appetite. He never nursed more than a few minutes on each side, and I could never get him to take more milk, even from a bottle.

We saw a specialist in Hong Kong, and a few other doctors. Everyone agreed that he was just small. Daniel is 5'6, and I'm 5 feet, so the general consensus was that he was just little like his mom and dad.

I remember one day crying because nothing we were doing was working. I told Daniel, in my gut, I knew it wasn't a nutritional or food issue. I couldn't explain it, but I just knew that wasn't it.

Joshua weighed about 12-13 pounds and was 24 inches long for several months. He was severely falling off the growth chart. People were always asking how old he was, and shocked when we told them. He always looks so much younger and smaller than his actual age.

We had routine blood work done when he was 9 months old. Everything came back normal.

We had a family vacation planned in mid-December, to go to the States. It was the perfect time to see a pediatrician and find out what was going on. He was 10 months when we flew to the States.

The day after we arrived in Oklahoma, we saw an amazing pediatrician!! She was pretty shocked at his lack of growth, and ordered several tests. They needed so much blood for the tests, we had to go in several days in a row because they couldn't take that much blood out of him at one time. He also had a check x-ray and bone age scan.

Joshua's bone scan showed that his bones were 4.5 months. So at the time of the test he was 10 months old, but his body (bone age) was only 4.5 months!

We found out about a week later that his IGF (growth hormone) levels were low and we were referred to a pediatric endocrinologist at OU Children's. Which BTW-can not say enough about how much we loved every single doctor and nurse at OU Children's. I cried at the end of every appointment. I am SO grateful that we were able to have Joshua's tests and diagnosis done in english and by extremely knowledgeable and kind doctors.

Joshua had an MRI of his brain and a 6 hour test that they drew his blood every 30 minutes. This test was to confirm he had growth hormone deficiency. Joshua was amazing and barely even cried! He had to fast for over 12 hours and that was the hardest part. He was pretty tired after all of it.

The test confirmed his body does not make enough growth hormone-which explains why he was so little!

So, now he gets a daily injection of growth hormone. We give him a shot every night, and he doesn't even cry. It's a small needle and he does really well with it. He will need to have a daily injection until about puberty, so for about the next 15 years.

Joshua is growing. He has gained about 1 pound and over 1 inch in the last month, since we've started the injections. I know that doesn't seem like very much, but we can tell a big difference. He hasn't really grown much in several months, so any growth is pretty noticeable.

I didn't do a one year post for him yet, but here are his stats of right now:

Height: 68 cm, about 26 inches
Weight: 7.3 kg, about 16 pounds
Size Clothes: 9 months

Developmentally, Joshua is right on track. He isn't walking yet, but he is really close. Because his bone age is so far behind right now, he doesn't have the full muscle mass that both children his age have. But despite being so small, he has done almost everything right on schedule.

He's still not on the growth chart yet, but I'm hoping that within the year he will be. Grow baby grow!

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Joshua at 7 Months

Joshua turned 7 months on the 24th! I'm so proud of myself for getting this post up BEFORE he turns 8 months!

This little man is doing really well! He has been teething for what feels like forever. Forever. He got his first tooth this week, but that will technically go under his 8 month post. He is still drooling nonstop, so we certainly aren't done with it.

For the most part he's been an okay teether. He doesn't get too fussy, but he really prefers to be chewing on something. He's still pretty easy going-he does fuss if he gets really tired though.

We started solids this past month. He seems to be enjoying it. So far he's had cereal, pumpkin, peaches, prunes, green beans, carrots, and apple. I make all my own baby food, so I try to make what is easiest right now. With Paige, I had tons of time to be in the kitchen and make a lot of food, but these days it's hard to find the time.

He's sitting up so good now! I put a pillow behind him half the time, mostly as a just in case if Paige is around. He will reach forward for toys, but he hates to be on his tummy, so he isn't scooting or trying to crawl at all. He does roll all over the place though.

Now that he's sitting up, we are done with the baby tub. It's weird to be putting away some baby items already.

I'm not sure on the stats, but he seems bigger to me!

7 Months Stats:

Weight: 14 lbs??
Length: 25 inches??
Size Diaper: He's still comfortably wearing size Small cloth diapers, and Medium disposables at night
Size Clothes: 6 months!!! Finally!! He still wears some 3 month pants, but he is mostly in 6 months, which makes me SO happy!
Sleep: grrrr. I will say it has gotten better this past week, but overall before this week he has been waking up at about 5:45-6:15 every morning. We try to give him the paci-sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. He's in the middle of transitioning into the 4 hour schedule and back and forth with needing a cat nap. He usually will have a good morning nap and then the other 2 are short. But we go out in the mornings a lot, so on those days he just takes a long afternoon nap. 
Feedings: He nurses at about 6:30, 10:30, 3, and 7. Sometimes a 5th feeding if he doesn't nap well or needs it.  
Teeth: Not at 7 months (currently he has 1)

I can't get over how cute this little boy is! Love him!!

This past month Joshua cheered for his favorite team, the Packers!!! Sometimes we can watch the game online. It's pretty exciting when it happens. 

He loves his big sister Paige! If she's in the room, he is usually content to just watch her. I love both these kiddos so much! I know I'll turn around one day and have teenagers, but I am trying to soak up all the time I have with them. I love being their mama!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Joshua at 5 & 6 Months

Well.....that was quite the little blogging break! I always want to blog, but with Instagram, it's just so much easier to post pics and updates there. BUT, I love looking back at remembering what we were doing, so I want to at least keep up with Joshua's monthly posts.

(he's now almost 7 months, so I'll try to get that post up soon-I feel like this last month has been a big one!)

Since it's been 2 months a lot has happened and I have a lot of pictures!

First...Stats! Joshua is about the same size at 6 months that he was at 5. We even flew to Hong Kong to see a growth specialist. But all the doctor's we've seen think he's okay, he will just be small.

(4, 5, and 6 months)

6 Month Stats:

Weight: 5.9 kilos or 13 lbs (-2%)
Length: 61.5 cm or 24 inches
Size Diaper: Small cloth diapers and Pampers Mediums 
Size Clothes: STILL 3 months.....I am so ready for him to be able to wear the next size up
(*he's just started wearing 6 month clothes, but now he's almost 7 months)
Sleep: Eh.......we've stopped swaddling and for the last few weeks he's been waking up at least once a night. Most of the time we can just give him the paci and he goes right back to sleep. I cherish the nights that he sleep the whole night through! He usually wakes up between 6:30-7:30, just depends on the day. 
He usually naps great-2 long naps and then a short one. 
Feedings: Again, I feel like i'm trying to figure everything all over again.Sometimes he has 4 feedings a day at 7, 11, 3, and 7. But most days he eats every 3-3 1/2 hours. 
Teeth: None yet, but I think we are really close.

We went swimming a few times this summer. Joshua loves his baths, but he wasn't too sure about the pool. I think it may be because the water was always a little cool. 

Because Joshua's growth hasn't been too great, we went to Hong Kong for a few days to see a specialist. They didn't do any tests, but the conclusion seems to be that he's just small.  He's in the negative 2-3%. He is the size Paige was at 3 months.
I love my little travel buddy-he does so great with it all!

This is Paige (left) and Joshua (right) in the same toy at about the same age. You can kind of tell-but they both have the nose scrunch!

Joshua, or Baby Josh as we call him, has never really loved tummy time. This is one rare time that he was smiling instead of fussing during it. Now, he rolls so much that as soon as we put him on his tummy he rolls to his back. But he does sleep on his tummy now most of the time. 

Even though he hasn't gained much weight in the last few months, I still feel like he is changing so fast!

5 Months:

6 Months:

I feel like he literally started sitting up all on his own overnight. Sometimes he does lunge for a toy in front of him and falls, but he'll get the hang of it :)

It won't be too long before he has a plate of little foods in front of him!

Joshua really is the best baby. I thought Paige was an easy baby, but Joshua gives her some competition. He rarely fusses or cries, unless he's really tired. He is very easy going and has the best smile! I love him to pieces! 

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Joshua at 4 Months

Joshua turned 4 months last Wednesday! He is the happiest baby!

Last month we traveled to Taiwan, and this month we went to Hong Kong. It was just me and the little peanut-and we flew there and came back in the same day. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be-he actually did really good in the carrier. 

It was a tiring day, but he did really good!

Besides going to Hong Kong for the first time, he also rolled over from his back to his tummy this month. Another change is that he is out of the swaddle for all his daytime naps! He transitioned really well to it. We still swaddle at night, but will probably unswaddle soon. He does sleep in a sleepsack though for all his naps.

Paige continues to be really sweet (ha!) with Joshua. She wants to hold him, play with him, and gives him little kisses on his head. She loves to do tummy time with him! You can tell he is thrilled.

Joshua has changed so much! Sometimes I think he looks like Paige (who looks like me) and some days I can see a lot of Daniel in him. 

4 Month Stats:

Weight: Almost 12 lbs, he's a little fella. More on that later. 
Length: Almost 24 inches
Size Diaper: He's in Small cloth diapers during the day and Pampers smalls or mediums
Size Clothes: 3 Months
Sleep: He's a rockstar! This past month he officially he started sleeping through the whole night! He sleeps 7:30-7:30, and sometimes even later. His first nap is about 2 hours long, and then his next two naps are about 1-1/2 hours. 
Feedings: He nurses at 7:30am, 10:30/11, 2ish, 5pm, and 7pm. I do a dreamfeed at about 10pm each night. 
Teeth: None yet, but I'm pretty sure he's teething.

So he's always been a little guy. But I took him in for his 4 month check up and he's fallen a little bit on the growth chart. The little man is not quite 12 lbs, and Paige was over 12 lbs at 2 months! So I met with a lactation consultant this week just to check on how he was feeding and my milk supply. But everything checked out fine-there's milk and he's eating great, so there's no need to worry right now (which I was dong PLENTY of!). We are going to watch his weight, but I think he is okay. He did go up in height on the growth chart, so he's growing, just only one direction, ha!

That's Joshie at 4 months!

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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Joshua at 3 Months

Joshua turned 3 months last week. I will say that time goes by much faster with your second child than it did the first. With Paige I didn't know how long each phase would last-when would she sleep through the night, how long before she takes regular naps, etc..... But with Joshua, I know it will happen eventually and each phase is so short in the big picture.

He looks so much bigger to me this month! His little legs are even starting to get some little rolls!

We haven't done anything too exciting this past month. We've stayed in town and I've tried to get Joshua used to his routine. I was taking Paige out most mornings and he would cat nap in the stroller. But his first nap is his best and longest nap, so now I take her out after the first nap or in the

Three Month Stats:

Weight: No idea.....10-11 lbs??
Height: 22 inches?
Size Diaper: We started cloth diapers this month, he wears FuzziBunz Small, and Pampers Small at night. (i've always used disposables at night)
Size Clothes: 0-3 months, but I think we'll be moving to 3-6 soon. He's growing so fast!
Sleep: He's amazing. He goes to bed between 7:30-8pm, I dreamfeed at 10, then he sleep till almost 8 the next morning. His first nap is about 2-21/2 hrs long. His next few naps aren't always consistent as far as time. Sometimes 2 1/2 hrs, sometimes just barely an hour.
Feedings: He eats about every 3 hours. He has just started to go about every 3-4 though. He is a great nurser-he can eat in less than 10 minutes.

Joshua is the most smiley baby! Our friends give us a hard time because he never cries. And honestly-he really doesn't. He will fuss sometimes right before he eats or if he is really tired. But overall he's a very easy baby. I don't say that to be braggy- because I know it is isn't anything we're doing or not doing. I'm just so thankful that he's as happy and laid back as he is. 

Right now Joshua still doesn't do too much. He sits in his bouncer and chews on his giraffe, plays on his activity mat, and has just started sitting in the bumbo. He used to like tummy time, but he's not the biggest fan right now.

Paige was already sucking her thumb at this point, but Joshua hasn't found it yet or just isn't interested. He does take a paci every time he goes to sleep. He doesn't really take it when he's just awake and playing though.

Paige calls Joshua "Baby Josh." It's so cute! I think she still likes Joshua, but we do have to remind her (often) to be gentle!

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

At the House

I'm trying to blog more regularly. I love looking back and remembering what we were doing and seeing how the kids have grown. Again, most of these are on Instragram, but I still like putting it all on the blog.

This week Paige "helped" me bake brownies. She loves helping me in the kitchen, especially if it involves chocolate.

Joshua is the most smiley baby! He smiles all the time and is really close to laughing. He has started holding his giraffe by himself. 

Daniel is from Oklahoma and is a huge Sooners fan. We have to make sure we raise our little munchkin right-so we start him cheering for OU pretty young!

We had some friends over this morning so I tried a new recipe-Chocolate Chip Bundt cake from here. It was pretty yummy-not too rich and very easy to make. 

So I made a decision this week-not a big one, but one that will make my life a little easier. I'm reading The Fringe Hours and it talks about how sometimes we do good things but they aren't necessarily good for this season of life. Right now both kids are in cloth diapers, and it was just too much. I was doing laundry constantly, and washing diapers overseas isn't very easy. So it seems like a small thing, but I decided to switch Paige back to disposable diapers until she's potty trained. I'm pretty excited about it. I love saving money with cloth, but I feel pretty good about less laundry and little more time. 

(I line dry the diaper covers in our living room).

We've got a few busy weeks coming up. Summer is our busy time and Daniel will be traveling a lot, but I'll try to keep posting!

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