Friday, July 27, 2012

Zoo and Honey

Last week, Daniel and I flew to see some friends who live a little north of us in the mountains.

I was pretty excited about the cooler temperatures. Our city isn't insanely hot, but it is humid and it's been in the 90's the past few days. So I was excited to enjoy some temp's in the 70's!

We went to the zoo. Somehow I ended up taking a lot of pictures of the monkey's, which is strange considering I pretty much despise them. Anyways....

They had this table of food you could buy to give the monkey's. It really looked like a table of snack food for children. And just like kids, the monkeys wouldn't eat their carrots.

Here we are, enjoying the beautiful weather!

 I love being surrounded by mountains!

We also traveled to a beautiful lake!! It was such a pretty, relaxing day!

All long the road, people were selling homemade honey straight out of their beehives. A little crazy but totally crunchy, so I had to do it!

Who needs wholefoods right?

Here I am with the bees!

have a good weekend!



Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Long Time No See

This title is perfect since I haven't updated the blog in a while and it's exactly how I felt about our home until yesterday.

Since getting back from the states a few weeks ago, Daniel and I have traveled to 2 different cities, each a few hours away, for almost a week each.

Just a few days after arriving back to EA, we flew for a week for a language training that was being offered. Since language learning takes up a majority of our time, we were pretty eager to attend this training. We learned so much about how to improve our language learning and were both so encouraged about how to better go about it. We wish we had learned most of this a year ago, but better late than never!

While we were travelling, some friends took us to a fancy restaurant. Probably the fanciest I have ever been to in EA. I wish I had pics of the food, but I was way too busy eating!

We flew back home on the 13th and have literally had something every single morning or night until we left again on the 19th. All good things, but it still kept us pretty busy.

We had a baby shower at our house for a friend of mine. Shockingly, this was the very first baby shower I have EVER is that possible, I'm 30 for crying out loud. I'm not really sure how I've never hosted one before.

Anyways.....I knew I wanted to make a cookie cake, my friend's fave, and try my hand at monogramming it. 

We also had an iced coffee bar...yum!

We had mint brownies, fruit, cookie cake, and a veggie tray. I picked up the cute napkins and plates while I was in the States.

I'll do another post for our travels last week...but get excited because it includes a local zoo and buying honey on the side of the road.

Also, in wonderful news, preggo Sarah is having a girl!!!!! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!!



Sunday, July 8, 2012

Headed to Houston

After spending about 10 days with my parents in Illinois, I headed south to Houston to see Sarah and the boys. I have to admit, I was pretty excited to be going to Texas. No matter where I live, somehow it always feels like home.

But first, here I am with my dad on Father's Day!!

I ate really good at Sarah's-she is an amazing cook and is totally crunchy, I love it! She cooks with qinoa, chia seeds, flax seed, and a lot of other organic stuff that I've never heard of. 

Chickpea pasta, bruschetta, salad:

Salmon, green beans, and qinoa:

Ethan (3) and Grant (5):

Me and the boys before church:

Almost every night, after the boys are tucked in, Ethan comes down and sleeps on the bottom step until Mike and Sarah go to bed. One night, we found him asleep like this. Crazy kid!

Whenever I would try to kneel down to get a picture with the boys they always tried to sit on me:

Me and Sarah-we were both in our pj's so it made for a strange pic.

I had a wonderful time in Houston. The heat wasn't too bad, and I had a wonderful time playing with the boys and eating yummy good food!

I've been back a week here, and we're leaving again today for a week of travel!

Stay tuned!



Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wedding Time

Wow, sorry it's been a while! I got back home here in EA very late Friday night, it was literally Saturday morning. It's taken me a few days to recover!

So...the wedding!

We spent a few hours getting ready, curling hair, doing make up, you know, the usual girly stuff. 

I haven't had my hair curled in forever, so i was pretty excited about wearing it curly! Here we are! 

Me and my mom!

Shane & Caroline were married outside, and then we moved inside the barn for dinner and dancing. It was beautiful!

It was so fun to meet all the blog/twitter friends!

Love this picture of Caroline and her dad!

BFF Amy couldn't make it to the wedding (she JUST had her first little baby!), but I was still so excited to see her parents! They are both so dear to me!

It was such a fun wedding, and really hard to say good bye! Especially not knowing when I'll see Caroline was a teary good bye! But I'm SOO thankful I was able to go-it was so special!