Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Paige at One Week

Paige is 1 week old today! This is almost impossible to me, I cannot believe she's already been in our lives that long. 

She came late last Tuesday night and we went home from the hospital on Friday. There's been a few rough moments, but overall she is doing great. My milk came in on Friday and nursing has been going pretty well overall. I decided to meet with a lactation specialist on Sunday just to ask all of my questions and get some extra help. I am SO glad I did!! Paige was nursing about 20 minutes plus per side, so I thought she was doing great. But apparently she was latched wrong so it was taking her so long because the milk was just dripping out. Not that we've got the latch fixed she's been eating much faster. I also feel so much more confident now that I can tell that she is actually eating and not just sucking to pacify. Having the confidence that she had a good feeding has made it a lot easier to know that when she cries if it's really because she is hungry or if it's another reason.

Daniel said he's going to show this picture to the first guy that asks to date Paige, ha! But considering that won't be for about 30 years, maybe she won't mind so much then. 

So, also an unexpected blessing is how well she sleeps! Homegirl can nap for 3 hours plus every nap!! I would LOVE to just let her sleep that long every time, because then I get to sleep for 3 hours too. But to try and regulate schedules, milk supply, etc...we're trying to keep her close to the every 3 hours between feedings as best we can.

She is making the most adorable faces!!! She is so cute we cannot get over it!! We pretty much just say "oh my gosh she's just so cute!" over and over. So many people have said that she looks like me. And if you compare her to my baby picture, we do look like twins. 

I don't want to say having a newborn has been easy. But, it has been easier than I thought it would be. I'm trying to be very aware and careful because I know things can change at any moment. But both Daniel and I have been averaging about 5 hours of sleep a night, and trying to take an hour nap during the day. Daniel has been extremely helpful in taking care of Paige with me. He gets up with me at every feeding and burps, changes, and reswaddles her. I know I would be much more tired if I didn't have his help. 

We are staying with my parents until we return to East Asia in April, and that has made the recovery and transition into parenthood much easier too. I don't have to worry about meals or having someone hold Paige when I need. 

I am planning on posting her birth story soon. I did end up having a C-section. I went to the dr's yesterday to get my staples removed and found out I lost 15 pounds already!!! That pretty much made my entire day!!! I know I still have a long way to go though. 

We are loving our little Paige and are so thankful for how healthy she is and how well she's doing!



Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hello Paige!

Paige Olivia

Born Tuesday, February 19th at 10:56 pm weighing 8 pounds and 20 inches long.

We love her so much and think she is the cutest baby in the world!



Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Countdown to Paige

Well.....I'm still pregnant :)

Saturday morning was a little rough...more tears and doubt. But after talking and praying with Daniel, we both feel pretty confident in going through with the induction tomorrow. It's still not my ideal, and in my perfect world we would wait forever until Paige came on her own. But I'm learning I'm not in control (ha!) and playing the "what if" game won't get me very far. 

I can confidently say we've been praying our hearts out asking for Paige to come before 6:30 tomorrow morning, or at least be in active labor before then. No pressure Paige, but you've got less than 11 hours :)

In all seriousness, we've talked through about every angle, and while it honestly does scare me to be induced, it's what we feel is right for now. I think what's hard is it NEVER entered my mind that I would be 2 weeks overdue and facing an induction. I guess I was more worried about her kidneys, or if she came early, or focusing on how to have the best natural labor, that it didn't occur to me to think thru the other possibilities. But I can't go back and change anything. 

Because this is clearly my first child, I have NO CLUE what labor is like or how to do it. I'm not sure anything would or could have prepared me, not matter if it was natural, induction, or c-section. But I think it's a lot like marriage. I was never married before, had zero marriage experience, and it was very scary and exciting to enter that new phase of my life with Daniel. I read the marriage books and prayed and was given advice and still had no clue what I was doing but still went through with it :)

And while I've prepared as much as I can for childbirth, I know that tomorrow will throw me for a loop and catch me off guard in some way. But I'm ready and excited! SO SO SO excited!!!!! Today, we got everything ready at the house and packed the hospital bags. And while things are looking different than I thought they would, I cannot wait to have and meet our daughter tomorrow! I'm not planning on sleeping at all tonight. I'm so nervous, but also so anxious and excited to finish this pregnancy with a chubby little girl in my arms!!! 

I go in at 6:30 am tomorrow, and if all things go well Paige will be here this time tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! 

Continue to pray with us that labor still start tonight! And if we are induced tomorrow morning, that both me and Paige will have a smooth and uncomplicated labor and delivery.

Thank you so much friends-I have been so thankful for all of the love, support, and prayers you have each shared with me. 

Stay tuned for the birth announcement of Paige Olivia!!!!!!!!!!



Saturday, February 16, 2013

41 Week Recap

Looking at this picture makes me just want to bless my own heart. (disclaimer, this was taken after crying several times)

So I was given 2 due dates, Feb 5th or the 8th. So depending on which one is more accurate, I'm a week to 10 days overdue right now. I FEEL every one of those days, ha!

I knew that most doctors won't let you go past 42 weeks and when we went to the doctor's this morning, induction would probably be discussed. It was.

Talking about inducing, pitocin, and risks, and everything I felt so out of control, I started crying. Our plan the whole time was to use the Bradley method, and have an all natural childbirth. I knew I didn't want to be induced-obviously people do and there's nothing wrong with it, but for us, we wanted nature to take its course.
I honestly never thought I would be induced. I knew nothing was a guarantee, but I was more mentally prepared for a C-section (if something went wrong), I just never saw the induction coming. 

So after talking it all out, we set up to be induced on Tuesday morning. I've cried several times today. I don't want to be all super-crunchy-medicine is evil about it, because big picture this is not the end of the world. But it's really hard for me. I had my heart set on doing a natural childbirth. I wanted to be able to walk around and do most of my labor at home and not have any drugs. I'm having a hard time of letting go. 

So we're set up for Tuesday, but really praying I'll go into labor before then. I definitely believe it can happen, and trying to focus on the positive if I'm induced on Tuesday. 

Random, but the doctor called my skin "wacky" today. I'm assuming it was in reference to my stretch marks, which have completely gone wild and taken over my stomach. Thanks, Doc.

So here I guess is my last recap!

How Far Along: 41 Weeks

Size of Baby: No clue, 8ish pounds, 19-21 inches long??

Weight Gain: 36 lbs

Gender: Girl-Paige Olivia

Movement: Yep, she's still pretty active, especially at night

Sleep: It's okay. I wake up almost every hour to turn over, and some nights I'm up from 4-6 am. So some nights is okay, and some mornings I wake up exhausted.

Maternity Clothes: I should just start wearing a tent......other than Daniel's t-shirt, nothing covers the belly anymore.

Symptoms: Some back pain, contractions, trouble sleeping

Aversions: Salad

Cravings: Chocolate

What I miss: Clothes that fit

Best Moment of the Week: Having the ultrasound and seeing Paige move around was really fun! Those never get old! Daniel and I also had a fun Valentines out!

What I'm looking Forward to: Meeting Paige! She should definitely be here within the week :)

If you would pray that Paige comes on her own before Tuesday, we'd appreciate it!



Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Baby Update

 I went in this afternoon for a fluid check ultrasound and a non-stress test. As long as everything is okay, my doctor said we could continue to wait for Paige to come in her own time-which is our preference.

My mom came with us to the ultrasound, and the technician ended up being her neighbor, so we had a long ultrasound and were able to look at everything, which was really nice! To no ones surprise, I asked if she was indeed a girl, and she is! They took measurements and estimate her at 8 lbs 3 oz, give or take a pound-so she could be anywhere between 7-9 lbs, ha!

Her kidneys seem to keep collecting fluid and her bladder was really full. The technician kept waiting because she said babies can empty their bladders every 30 minutes, but Paige was too shy, so we'll just hope she is getting rid of everything the way she needs to. Most likely she'll need an ultrasound when we deliver. 
The tech also said she has plenty of room-which I am finding really hard to believe! And also the fluid looks good, so we can keep on waiting for Paige to come on her own. We also got a few ultrasound pictures, which we've never had before, so that was really fun!

After the ultrasound we went for the non-stress test. I had read online that it was about 20-30 minutes. We were monitored for an hour and 15 minutes. 

I was hooked up to a monitor and pushed a button every time I felt Paige move. She moved a lot the first bit, but then calmed down a little, so they had me drink some juice and lay on my side. That got her going! 

Mom and Daniel-clearly having a good time. 

I thought I was having some contractions when I was being monitored, so I asked the nurse to see if I really was. She said I was having mild, irregular contractions, but not in labor. Which wasn't a huge surprise, since they really aren't that uncomfortable (yet!).  Everything looked good for the tests so we left and went to Steak & Shake-a place i haven't been to since college. 

I didn't expect to be at the hospital for close to 4 hours, so I was STARVING!!! Nothing a huge milkshake couldn't fix :)

If still pregnant, we go back to the doctor on Friday. He might have me do another non-stress test, depending on how things look. I'm assuming he'll check me, and I'm really hoping to be dilated to at least a 3.

That's where we're at!!! I'm not expecting Paige to come soon, but we're definitely hoping she will!



Monday, February 11, 2013

40 Week Recap

(first, what is wrong with my face?! it's like i've never smiled before!)

Still here! I think I will start asking for a $1 for each question I get about if the baby is here yet or each time someone gives me advice on how to get her out. Kidding.....kind of.

I went to the doctor on Tuesday and was dilated to a 2, which isn't a lot, but I was 0 before, so that's something. And still 75% effaced. I was given the option of inducing but I really want to avoid that if at all possible. So tomorrow I'll go back and get checked again, and have a non-stress test and check the amniotic fluid. As long as everything is okay, he'll let me keep waiting. To help pass the wait time, I've been going for walks. 

I woke up yesterday and honestly just felt 'different.' I told Daniel I wouldn't be surprised if Paige was here before the end of the day today. But it's already 5 pm and not much is going on....sooo....

Sarah, my sister, had all 3 of her kids 2 weeks early. So when I hit 40 weeks I called and told her I had already 1-upped her because she had never been pregnant as long as I have. She said "Yeah so you have nothing left to prove now! have the baby!"

Here's the Recap:

How Far Along: 40 Weeks+3 days

Size of Baby: Jackfruit -6-9 lbs, 18-21 inches long (i would be shocked if Paige was smaller than 8 lbs)

Weight Gain: 35 lbs

Gender: Girl-Paige Olivia

Movement: She's not slowing down! She moves pretty much all day long!

Sleep: It's okay. I've been having a hard time falling and staying asleep because I keep thinking about when I'll go into labor, or if I should've showered that day so I'm ready when it's time, or what if I forget to bring my brush to the hospital??

Maternity Clothes: Of course, I don't really have anything left anymore than covers the tummy. Most of the day is spent pulling my shirt down and pants up.

Symptoms: Back pain, some Braxton hicks, not sleeping

Aversions: Salad, Coke

Cravings: Ice cream, donuts

What I miss: Sleep, running

Best Moment of the Week: I read BigMama's, Sparkly Green Earrings and loved it! It was the perfect thing to read on my due date with my first baby. I loved it so much I made Sarah read it too, and she's loving it.

What I'm Looking forward to: Having our baby!

I know I've said this before, but I hope this is my last recap!



Friday, February 8, 2013

Product Review-Things I Love

Well, I'm still pregnant.

So to pass the time, I thought I would do a post on some products I love. 

I rarely buy anything until I've researched it online and read other people's reviews. Whether it's shoes, running gear, make up products, or cleaning products, I have a hard time committing to buying something I haven't read online reviews about. It also saves me money, because at least half the time I don't go back to buy it.

SO, after all that, here is what I've been loving.

Click for enlarged view

I have always hated using eye make up remover. It's always either too oily or didn't really take off the make up. So for the past few years, I haven't used any and every night and morning I spent too much time trying to wipe off the day-before residue. I bought The Body Shop's Camomile eye make up remover and LOVE it! It's not oily at all and it takes off all of my eye make up! It's so gentle, yet effective.

Click for enlarged view

Also, from the Body Shop, is their tea tree oil line. I've had bad acne for pretty much my whole life and have tried every single thing known to man. Seriously. But that's another post. I've been using the tea tree oil line for almost 2 years now. I love the entire line, but my favorite is the Blemish Fade Night Lotion. (Being pregnant has completely cleared up my acne, but pre-pregnancy I used this every night). Pre-pregnancy, I would use this nightly, and by morning I could tell a huge difference in redness, irritation, and any breakouts. I'm not going to say it will take acne away overnight, but it is by far the best thing I have ever used. And I love waking up each morning with better skin than the night before.

I recently started using the Urban Decay Naked Palette, and received a free sample of their Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original. I have ALWAYS had a problem with eyeshadow creases on my eyelids. I've tried the eyeshadows that promised no crease, but none of them ever worked. By mid-day, I would always have to wipe off the crease/build up of my eyeshadow, and reapply it. 
So I tried my free sample and was amazed when I went an entire day with no eyeshadow creases!!!! I haven't gone a single day without using this primer first before applying my eyeshadow. And i'm not sure if it's a combo of the primer and the UD Naked or what, but my eye make up at the end of the day looks like I just put it on. I don't think I will ever not use this product-it's amazing!

And speaking of UD-I got the Naked Palette and Naked Palette 2 for Christmas. I love them both! If you're only going to get one, I would recommend the Original Palette. That's just my preference based on the colors-but I do prefer the brush that comes in Palette 2. I've never been good at applying eyeshadow, and am still learning, but I love how easy these are to use!

Invisible Dry Spray Shampoo
If you've read my blog for a while, you know that I despise showering. I try to go at least 2, if not 3 days between showers (unless I'm working out or running). I feel like showers take up valuable time and I hate spending time drying my hair. So on the in-between days, I use dry shampoo. I haven't tried every kind out there, but I have tried a few different brands, including sprays and powders. Out of everything I've tried, Salon Grafix is by far my fave. It's pretty cheap, gives great volume, and really takes away the oils and give my hair a fresh look. I usually buy mine at Walgreens. 

I thought I had done a post about my fave running products, but i guess not. Maybe after Paige decides to finally come and I start back to running, I'll do that post. 

And i'm sure as soon as I post this I'll remember another fave product that I completely forgot about, oh well! 

Do you have a fave product you just can't live without??



Sunday, February 3, 2013

39 Week Recap

Well....she's still in there. Which I know is normal, since I technically still have a week to go. But it's very safe to say, we.are.ready.

Daniel and I both really like the movie Groundhog Day, and thought it would be fun if Paige made her appearance today, but I'm pretty sure it's not happening. I've had some Braxton Hicks almost every day, mostly at night. But they're not painful at all. I haven't really been feeling anything else that makes me thinks she's coming soon. But I also am predicting that when it's time, everything will happen all at once. My grandma, mom, and sister all had fast labors, so I'm really hoping that we can keep that streak going. 

The doctor didn't check me this week. I asked because hello that's who I am, but he said he could tell I was way too calm for anything to be happening, so he'll check me again on Tuesday. I would LOVE for Paige to come by Monday, because then we would have time to get her 8 week vaccinations before returning home in April. 

I'm pretty much just getting bigger and Daniel and I are having some more dates, because we both know those are harder to come by once Paige gets here. 

Here's the recap!

How Far Along: 39 weeks

Size of Baby: Watermelon-19-22 inches long, 6-9 lbs

Weight Gain: 33 lbs

Gender: Girl-Paige Olivia

Movement: Yep-her movements are definitely more controlled and getting stronger. She moves a lot when I go to bed.

Sleep: Not happening. I'm tired all day, but it's been taking me a few hours to fall asleep. And I've been waking up a lot in the night and then not being able to fall back asleep. So I'm pretty tired.

Maternity Clothes: Almost everything, except some lounge clothes.

Symptoms: Back pain, not sleeping, some braxton hicks,

Aversions: Coke, sadly enough. I keep trying it but it's been tasting really weird.

Cravings: Chocolate, candy,

What I miss: Sleeping

Best moment of the Week: Oddly enough, my mom and I took a long walk this week when we had warm weather, and it felt really good to be out and moving. Also, at our infant care class we watched a baby who was just born get their first bath. It really hit me that we will be doing that very soon! It slightly annoyed me that the lady's due date was after mine and already had her baby. I'm trying to patiently wait my turn :)

What I'm Looking Forward to: Having Paige!! And if that doesn't happen this week, I guess finding out on Tuesday at the dr's if anything is going on at all. My guess is that Paige will come next Thursday-just a guess, but I'm hoping I don't have a 40 week recap :)

Happy Groundhog Day!