Friday, July 30, 2010

weekend in Dallas

i am SO ready for this weekend!!!! WOO HOO!!!!

Here's the play by play:

I'm (attempting) to run 6 miles tonight! then i'll scurry out of the house around 8ish tomorrow morning and drive to Dallas. yay!!!

I'm meeting these lovely girls for lunch.....we used to work together, it will be just like old times!!!

I'm excited to see Julie & Lacretia and just hang out over lunch. i saw them at my wedding, but seriously not the ideal place for catch up time!

After lunch i'm driving straight to bff Caroline's house in Waxahachie. Not only am i spending fri and sat nite with her, but we're throwing Amy a wedding shower!!!!!


they're so cute!!!

Amy is getting married in August and i'm way excited. i think part of my excitement is because i'm not planning this wedding, ha! you appreciate being on the other side SO much more after doing your own :)

sidenote: Amy and I have been friends for about 5 1/2 years. i love remembering HOW we became's long but funny!

I was involved with the college leadership team at my church. Aaron (the leader) called me one day and said a girl had visited with her parents and would i call and talk to her and give her info on the college group. While telling Aaron yes i would do that, inside i was like 'no way, i hate calling strangers!'

but my guilt won and i called Amy a few days later. I told her about the college group, events, all that jazz. I also gave her  my "phone number" in case she ever had questions.

sidenote: i gave her my home phone number because i didn't know this girl from Adam, and she could be crazy. I used to always give out my home number to strangers because i never answered it, haahahah! i always let calls go to the voicemail bc everyone i knew would just call me on my cell.

So Amy goes to church more, mostly on wednesday  and sunday nights. I never went on wed's because i had class, so it was actually a few months before we ever met. DURING those few months she called me a few times at home, and i always had to return her call, because of the voicemail screening i had going on.

I meet Amy at the Christmas party of 2004.

Amy & Caroline go on the ski trip while i vaca in Michigan.

Caroline comes back from the trip and says "we HAVE to be friends with Amy!!!!" and she tells me how cool she is and blah blah blah......

I'm like "okayyyyyy"

I hang out with Amy and we are pretty much instant bff after that.


after a few weeks (months) into this new friendship i finally give my amy my real number-(after my standard love language/myers brigg test i make all my new friends take. she passed.)  But she didn't delete the old one, so she kept calling me at my house, and let me tell you...lots of phone tag.

anyways, it's a long running joke that our friendship started when i fake numbered amy......

and that's how we became friends!!!


I need this weekend. I need to spend time with my girls and soak it in. even though we'll be busy with the shower, i know how we are.....we'll find time to linger at the dining room table and talk for hours and never run out of things to say.

My joy is literally already starting just thinking about the next few days.......!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

i feel weird

i feel weird tonight. almost like i need/want to cry, but not really sure why. i had a good day...pretty normal. but now...weird.

We were visiting a church on Sunday-yes, we're church-hunting. and no, it's not fun. it's draining and wearing on the both of us. we LONG for community. we're so community/fellowship/good friend starved right now. i'm dealing with reverse culture shock (but that's a completely different and much longer post, ha!)

i've been back in the states a year. it was a year yesterday. in the last 12 months, i moved to a new state, planned a wedding, got married, started a new job, and i'm battling finding the 'home' in Oklahoma if you will.

Anyways, we were at a church on sunday and singing a song that i knew but now can't remember the name of. and the lyrics had something like 'i bring an offering to you' I stopped short. what was i bringing?! did i have an offering? if so, what was it, because i was drawing a blank on this one.

i couldn't sing. did i have anything to give my great God? i felt like i didn't. i felt like there was just nothing to give.
i was praying and journaling this in my QT yesterday morning. i wondered if my role as wife to Daniel was an offering. is my ministry to Daniel an offering? can how i love Daniel be an offering to God? i think if i stepped it up a few notches it could....ha!

not being involved in ministry and investing in lives around me makes me feel worthless sometimes. i struggle with the everyday life here in the states. i miss my home across the big pond....

on a positive note, i was reading one of my devotionals this morning, and it had Psalm 50:23

"The one who offers thanksgiving as his sacrifice glorifies me: the one who orders his way rightly i will show the salvation of God!"

I just kept reading it over and over. I really felt like God was telling me, bluntly might i add, to offer thanksgiving. to not only offer it, but to make it my sacrifice. if someone sacrifices something, that means it has to cost something. it doesn't come easy, it has to hurt or change them somehow.

i wondered how i would be sacrificing my thanksgiving as an offering to my Father.

then i went to the mall tonight. i can't actually tell you the last time i went shopping or to the mall. it was a little weird. remember, we're on Dave Ramsey.

sidenote: we did just pay off our car this past weekend 3 years early!!!!

but being at the mall was hard. watching people go into debt buying their first home on HGTV is hard. not just because i want to give them a copy of DR but also because i see things that i want. and i let that fill my mind. i compare. i want.

which is maybe why i'm in a weird mood tonight. i'm struggling with KNOWING that i'm blessed with way more than i really need, yet still wanting.

i was quickly reminded a few minutes ago of what i read this morning. I want to offer thanksigiving. I want it to be pure thanksgiving that i offer....not grudgingly, not false-humility, but pure sacrificial thanksgiving. easier said than done...but i'm learning.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

week in review

as i sit here and type this i'm surrounded by cupcakes, chai, and mochas...mmmmm....mmmm it's a good friday night!


i've had so much icing already....i'm just waiting for the diabetic shock to hit.

i know i said this last week, but it's been a week! not as busy as last week, but not enough down time, that's for sure!!

Daniel was out of town this week for work, which i am not a fan of. even though i lived in the apartment for a few months before we got married, it always takes me a LONG time to go to sleep when he's not there. and newsflash...i like my sleep :)

SO, i figured i would have all this amazing "me" time to relax, read, bubble baths, etc...... actually none of that happened. Between working out and keeping up the house, then talking to Daniel on the phone before bed....there went my night!

One fun thing this week, is that we had a staff day in my office. I was able to be on the planning committee, and we went bowling for a few hours on Wednesday.....

There were about 30 of us, and we just enjoyed a few rounds of bowling.

now...sidenote: i generally don't like to go bowling. I liked it in high school, but that was several years ago. so i didn't have hugh expectations for this day as far as my enjoyment level.....

but little did i know.....

i actually had a good time!!  my competitive spirit came out and i really got into it!

My high score was 84. yes, that was the my HIGHEST, ha!! i did get a strike, which i'm not sure i've ever gotten before. so that boosted the ol ego a little bit!

here are my co-planners! we had a great time and worked really together!

  plans for the weekend??

run 4 miles in the am tomorrow, eat pancakes & healthy breakfast sausage, run errands, then eat black bean quesadillas for dinner and enjoy a night in!

on a completely different note. i'm missing somebody right now. actually, 2 somebody's.

can you not just gobble them up?!?!?!

I miss them.  A LOT!!! i really thought that once i was living in the states i would see these little guys a lot. but, i probably won't see them for about 5 months. i. hate. that. they live in houston, i live in Oklahoma. and apparently i'm expected to show up to this thing called 'work.' i want time with them. i have this fear that i won't be a part of their lives, that they won't know me. it's one thing to live in a different country, but to be so close and not get to hug them and be their favorite fun aunt....that's heartbreaking.

hate to leave this on such a sad note....SO....ummmm i'm thinking of running the White Rock half in dallas in december. i'm pondering. if i can run the 15k in september, i'm not too worried. but there's a hug difference from running 5 miles to running 13. we'll see.

i told Daniel tonight that if i ever run a marathon i'm getting a tattoo of 26.2, hahahahahah! we'll see, hahaahah!!

have a great weekend!



Friday, July 23, 2010

woo hoo for me!!

I've wanted to recap my training for a while now, and kind of share where i'm at. I just finished week 5. i REALLY wasn't sure if i was going to be able to do it on time, because i was sick most of last week and didn't get in my work outs.
I persevered and tried to keep my work outs on target this week if it killed me. at times, it really felt like it would kill me, ha!
About 2 weeks ago, when i ran 4 miles (for the first time on the training outside), i knew it was a big moment for me. if i couldn't run 4 miles outside, i didn't feel like i would ever be able to move past the 3 mile mark.

Well run 4 miles i did....SLOOOOOWLY!!!!

Last night......was a defining moment in my running career.

I RAN 5 MILES OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

at least....i think i did. I run out at the lake sometimes, and i find it impossible to read the maps (i actually got lost last night), so i ran for about 63 minutes. I'm assuming if i didn't hit the 5 mile mark, i got extremely close. It was reallly reallly hard. I hydrated all day (about 10 glasses of water) and i had an immediate side stitch for the first mile or so. and believe me, it wasn't because i was running too fast.

should i mention that the temperature was 90, with heat index of 95??? yeah.........

I ran SO slow. whenever i run a new longer distance i run really slow because i'm afraid i won't make it. as long as the walkers aren't passing me, it's considered running, hhahahahahahaha!

also, lesson learned....i started my run too late in the evening. it was after 9 by the time i finished and i didn't appreciate being in the dark at a park alone.....i'll have to start earlier next week, esp with running further. but death by heat stroke is not the way i wanna go......

To prepare for my 5 miler, i geared up. there's actually a nice  little running store nearby, with pretty nice people that work there. I bought this:

it was a total impulse buy. I like pink, but i would've preferred another color or something on it. and the black stripe is the tag. i was so excited i forgot to take it off. i did need a running hat, because running with sunglasses weirds me out, and i currently have 3 pairs of sunglasses that are all messed up in some way/broken. and this was really comfy to wear.

and also this:

p.s. i wore it wrong the first half of the run by just putting it on my fingers....which led to them cramping up and me hating this water bottle. but then i realized i was the problem and started wearing it like a normal person. ALSO, i learned that running in high temp's and drinking lukewarm water is not my idea of a party.

note to self: freeze the bottle first or put in lots of ice!


i knew i couldn't make it 5 miles in sweltering heat without drinking water. Supposedly i run by 3 water fountains on the lake trail. i have NO idea where they are. I looked for them the whole time i was running and didn't see one. i'm pretty sure the whole online map thing is a scam.

and yes, i'm sore today. i've never been sore from running, until now. but my legs hurt. and i like it!!!
i love knowing/feeling that i pushed my body to new limits and more than it has ever done before. it's a great feeling!
a year ago i wasn't even running a mile!!! love love love it!

next week is 6 miles and i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

random ramblings


i took this pic after running 2 miles on a treadmill, indoors. wow. i feel like i sweat off my chick fil a that day :)

i know, it's kinda gross, but just looking at this picture motivates me to keep running. speaking of......ummmm yeah this was week 4 of training, which was a down week of sorts. i was supposed to just run 2 miles 3X and then do some cross training and weights. BUT i got sick starting tuesay and still not over it. i feel better, but with congestion and not being able to breathe, it really makes running hard/impossible.

So i ran today, which was supposed to be 4 miles. ummmm yeah that didn't happen. i started off dehydrated AND all sinusy. so i stopped at 1.5 miles. my body felt like i could keep going physically, but the sinus drainage wasn't pretty.

So i'm not sure if i should alter my training this next week or what? bc i'm supposed to hit 5 miles this week, and after missing so much this week i'm just not sure what to do.

 thoughts??? advice???

even though it was an insane week, there were good times. It was Sherry's (MIL) & Mike (BIL) birthday this week. all the family went to El Chico (yes, i love them enough to eat mexican)

here are the random pics, courtesy of my husband....

birthday girl:

birthday boy:



and my "really daniel?"

On a sidenote: i've become addicted to HGTV. the shows where they try to find a buyer a house and show them a few options to choose from? yeah, i can't get enough. maybe bc i feel like i'm living vicariously thru these people and strongly believe they can hear me and are listening to what i'm telling them thru the tv.....idk. but sadly, Daniel is not addicted. he puts up with it like i put up with his Mythbusters. i guess we'll just stick with the food channel-something we easily can agree on!!

also, i just mopped using vinegar. where has this been all my life???? seriously, if you google vinegar and cleaning you will be amazed at the endless possibilities!!!! i've already used it on the drain, disposal, coffee pot, and counters!!! it's my new love.

and i forgot to tell ya'll.......while i'm actually training for a 15k, there ACTUALLY is a 15k in Fort worth on September 6th!!! how crazy is that?!?!? so if training goes well these next few weeks i'm signing up!!! if you live in the DFW area feel free to make posters and signs to cheer me on. no, it doesn't matter if you're a stranger. i'll take any encouragement i can get :)


Friday, July 16, 2010


It's been a week, can i just say? actually, by monday night i was saying the same thing. and i kept saying it every single night. we have been so busy this week, exhausted, more busy, less sleep, etc.....seriously, it's been a week......

but the highlights of the week were GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

This week, our friend, Amanda was in town from Georgia with her mom and nieces. And Carly doesn't live too far away from us. The four of us all met and lived overseas together, which AUTOMATICALLY makes you bond! ha!

  amanda, me & carly

seriously, these people are so important in my life. we've gone through so much together. We all met at carly's house for dinner. it was sooooooo gooooooood!!!!! i needed it. i needed to sit and laugh till i cried with people that already know me. even if i haven't seen one of them in several months, it was like no time had passed. it's refreshing to be around people who have seen your good and bad side. there's no pretending. there's just sweet fellowship.

they knew Daniel & I before we were dating. they experienced our dating and engagement first hand.

i cannot describe the joy that filled my heart that night. it has been SO long since i've enjoyed time with people who "get me" and have been there with me to know :) i wish i could've stayed all night. if i hadn't been feeling sick i would have.

have i mentioned that i love these people??

amanda and i always joke that we're both really photogenic whenever we take pics together.

it's true.


SO much fun with these girls!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Before I talk about Eureka Springs i have to say 3 things i forgot about on the last post...

1. on the way up to Arkansas, Daniel and I busted out the old DC Talk Jesus Freak cd and sang every song word for word. I know all the back up parts.....ya'll should've heard us, we were amazing. also, this was one of my absolute fave parts of the trip

b. on Sunday we went to a local farmers market and l.o.v.e.d. it! they had fresh and amazing everything!!! we really wanted to buy a lot of stuff but didn't think it'd keep till we could get home and use it. but we did buy a chocolate lovers brownie and pretty sure we both went into diabetic shock shortly afterwards.

4a. Sunday afternoon (since the town was pretty much boarded up), I took a nap!!! it was so wonderful! i can't remember the last time i took a nap. i try to lay down every once in a while but my brain won't turn itself off. but nap i did on sunday!!!

monday morning we went for a SHORT early run. yes, it might've been around 6:30am. what can i say, we're ruined people. we don't know how to sleep in anymore.

after our run we got on the road after a quick trip to Panera to fulfill my love of bagels and gobs of cream cheese and coffee. seriously, is there anything more a girl could want????

i was waiting for Daniel+ bored alone in the car= the following pics

sidenote: is it unprofessional to wear my hair like this to work? i totally want to, but don't feel like it's work appropriate????

on the road!!!

disclaimer: i loved Eureka springs!!!!!! we had NO idea how much stuff was there and how many things we could've done. looking back, we both agreed next time we'll just go there. they have horse back riding, fishing, canoeing, hiking, shopping, and eating......all things we enjoy :)

can you see the trolley?? cute!

we walked around and looked in tons of unique cute little shops. i actually didn't buy a single thing!!! i've become overly frugal lately. I want to buy an ipod shuffle (i've never run with music before), and need some good running apparel. until i have all that, my pursestrings have been tightened!!! :)

I spotted a little Indian place that looked very promising. anytime we can get ethnic food, we do!

i miss this just looking at it!

capturing the moment!

i think this pic is hilarious!! daniel is posing and totally squishing my face...he's such a camera hog.

   apparently one of the main attractions in ES is Christ of the Ozarks. so we went and took a picture.

then we headed home. i was feeling in the holiday spirit with it being july 4th and all, that i ate a cheeseburger and cherry coke. sometimes i can be so American. ha!

Friday, July 9, 2010

July 4th weekend

ok, so i have to say first-i did have a good fourth of july. but, i am slightly bitter towards the city of Fayetteville.....

I got off work early on Friday, and headed home. We had fish and veggies courtesy of Daniel. The veggies were some of the best i've ever had!!! i'll have to get the recipe and post it later for ya'll.

Saturday i was running by 7, and we were on the road by 9!

here we are!!

this was pretty much our view the entire drive...

yay for state lines!!!

 Our lovely room complete with fresh made cookies each day on our bed. they were yummy! Daniel waited as long as he could and then devoured them......

We spent the first part of the afternoon in the room waiting out the rain. We both agreed that it was our fave part of the weekend.....we just talked and had REALLY good conversation. we usually always are talking, but it was nice to have uninterrupted, no rushing convo.

it was raining, so we went to see The Last Airbender. it was good, and different. not sure about it yet. but it was in 3d, which makes everything better!

We headed out to Dixon street to do some shopping and eat......this is where the trip took a turn.....
EVERYTHING closed early on Saturday and was closed the entire weekend!!! who closes on July 4th?? grrrrrrrr.......... where were the parades? the holiday sales??

i love trains!!

Daniel all excited with his tourist info book. sidenote....there was a Bikers, Babes, and Bling event that was in town on saturday. someone asked if we were there for the bike stuff.....and i was like 'um no' but thanks for asking.
someone also asked if we were from there, which i loved!!! one of the biggest compliments i can get when i'm travelling is when someone thinks i'm a local. this happened in hawaii too, and i still think about it -hahhaaha!!

BBQ sounded good, so we went to Sassy's and loved it!!! they had homemade bbq sauce that i could've drank by the bottle!!!!

We loved the little place we stayed at! it was cute, quaint, and had VERY comfortable beds!!

Our plan for the day was to go downtown and shop shop shop... again.....that was the plan...

our home for the weekend....

it had beautiful landscaping....very relaxing....

senior photos!!

this is how i normally look.... (squinty eyes)

this is me trying to appear normal with open eyes....not sure if it worked.... ha!

then we headed shop......this is what we saw.....

with everything being closed...naturally i had to pee. shocking. i used the following 3 times......

yes, i had my hand sanitizer with me.....

this is me mad at the city of Fayetteville...

since there was literaly nothing open....we decided to play around the train and take pics....ok....I decided. :)

ok yes, on some VERY deep level, i was glad these people were home with their families and enjoying the day off. but on my very superficial selfish level, i did not appreciate them depriving me of trying to support our US economy.

we took our chances and headed for the open road...aka....Lake Fayetteville!!! i liked this place....there were mile markers for runners. it's the little things really :)

For lunch we headed to a place called Marketplace Express. we had never heard of it, but it looked good.
I had the chicken salad sandwhich and jambalaya....SO yum! and the people there were really nice!

 Daniel had a roast dip thingy and fruit...

Sunday night we hit the town and went to a place i found called Noodles Italian. we dressed up to make it special, ha!

this was some of the best chicken parm i have ever tasted!!

Monday - Eureka Springs!!!!! stayed tuned peeps!