Saturday, January 30, 2010

Family freeeeze!

Wednesday night Daniel and I piled in my car to drive to see Grandpa Paul for a family get-together. Most of Daniel's family lives in Oklahoma, which makes it nice and easy to see everyone (except for Daniel's brother Mike and his wife, Laura who are in NJ).
Here is us driving...please notice my AWESOME red peacoat i got for my birthday!! (thanks Steve & Sherry!) I love this coat. I wear it all the time. (sadly, you can't see all of it)

We had chick-fil-a (my FAVE) and visited with Grandpa at his assisted living center. It was a great night visiting, and Grandpa was in great spirits this night.

Aren't they cute??

From left: Jared (Daniel's brother, Mel (Jared's wife), Jameston, Daniel, Me, Sherry (Daniel's mom), and Grandpa.

Wednesday night we went to bed wondering what Thursday would bring. We also played a few rounds of Catchphrase, because i love being read to or playing games when we're just laying in bed before we go to sleep.
Threats of severe winter weather flashed across the news constantly....rumors of ice, snow, and sleet. Most people don't like inclement weather....I LOVE IT!!!! I love the idea of being snowed in, staying in pj's all day, eating junk food, watching movies, and (now) snuggling with my man.
Thursday morning wasn't too bad. We headed to work to see what the day would bring! We saw freezing rain all day, but it took a few hours before it started getting icy. The roads got bad fast, so we headed home about 2ish. Daniel made dinner-sorry no pics :( We had grilled salmon and a concoction of grilled potatoes and peppers. Daniel is very creative in the kitchen. So far his creativity has paid off and he has made nothing but scrumptious food!
Friday brought a lot of ice and snow. The governor declared us in a State of Emergency. We got a snow day from work (yay for 3 day weekend) and slept in. Okay, I was up by 8:30, but that's sleeping in!!

Here is what we see from our apartment:

Notice the difference in what my car looks like in a matter of a few hours:
The snow came right up to our door! looks like we got a few inches!!
This is a lot of snow!! We usually have lots of grass and sidewalk here, which is completely covered!
We can't even see out of our front window because it's covered in ice!

We just finished homemade pizza (SO good), and hanging out watching a movie. I really want to get out tomorrow and get a few groceries and hit the gym, but we've seen so many cars trying to get out of the parking lot here and getting in a lot of trouble. So we'll see what happens!

have a great weekend!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Wow. i really thought i would be more dedicated to blogging, but it's amazing how many other things seem more important.
Basically, here's a play by play of my weekend. It's detailed, but i want you to feel like you were there :)

Daniel and I both took off this past Friday and drove to Dallas for time with friends and fam. We couldn't start our little road trip without a visit to Chick-fil-a. I'm addicted. I would eat there every day if my waistline and budget would let me! I met a friend for lunch (Jen, one of my bridesmaids) at La Madeleine. Of course we both went to different La Mad's thinking we were at the right one. We finally got it figured out and went straight into catching up on life. I love Jen. We can go months without talking or seeing each other, and totally pick up where we left off. Daniel, ever so nicely went to a nearby restaurant to read and hang out so we could have our girl time.
Then I dropped Daniel off at my parents, while I went and spent the night with Caroline and Amy (also bridesmaids). If you want to read about it, click here. Caroline has all the pics and blogged about it :)

Side note, Amy and Caroline didn't shower on Saturday in honor of me. I hate showering. it's such a time waster. if i were a boy and could get out of the shower and go, i wouldn't care. but the time it takes to dry your hair, make up, lotion, blah blah blah. i'd rather not. I DO shower when i work out. but my strategy is to go at least every other day without showering. i just don't see the point. i don't smell or have odor or anything, so it doesn't bother me. My record for not showering is 9 days. But that's only bc i was overseas and didn't have hot water for 2 weeks. heck, i didn't even warm water. it was bordering on frigid. I finally caved and went to a showerhouse. My friends were probably grateful at this point :)

The other day Daniel was about to shower, and i was like 'what are you doing?' you showered yesterday?!' Daniel just looks at me and says ' Laura, we're in America. They have hot water here.' eh. Another reason i can go a few days without showering is my friend Amy, got me ADDICTED to this dry shampoo spray. It is the best i've ever tried. and i have oily hair. it comes in different colors too.

Saturday, I drove home and just hung out at my parents house with Daniel.  For those of you who are new to the blog- i love taking pics of myself. sometimes when i'm bored i just get out my camera and take tons of pics. someday, someone will be grateful for all this time well spent :) i have folders full of self-pics.

Here's me driving:

I was borderline feeling sick, but refused to give in, because we were going to one of my fave restaurant's for dinner. Buca di Beppo. I LOVE that place. It's family style Italian, so you all get to share food, also something i love to do. It was also Daniel's first time to eat there, because Oklahoma isn't that cool yet.
It was fun hanging out with the family, celebrating my birthday, and eating more cake.

Here are my parents with Daniel:

Daniel& mom:

me & Daniel:

We also both like our feet:

Sunday, I went to my parents church (where my dad is the pastor), then we ate a delicious homecooked meal before hitting the road. When we got to OKC, we dumped our bags at home, then hit the grocery store, because we had left the house barren of any food. We tried to hurry because the Saints/Vikings game was on! We were both dying to watch the game. It was a GREAT game. We wanted the Vikes to win, but at least they forced OT and made it a nail biter.

Randomness, I feel very domestic lately. We had a great (and healthy) dinner Monday night of grilled chicken, baked potato, and steamed broccoli. Then I baked Chocolate Zuchini bread for breakfast this morning. It's one of Daniel's faves. I however, think it's unnatural for zuchini to be mixed with chocolate.
Last night I make Bulgogi-Korean BBQ. It was delicious!!! and also my first time to marinade anything. (is it marinade or marinate??)

It's Wednesday morning, and i just finished off my FREE cfa chicken biscuit. OKC locations had free breakfasts on wednesday's in January. i took pics on my phone, but i can't figure out how to get the pics to my email, so i'll have Daniel show me later.

-TBL fans-can you believe the red team???? ugh i am hoping she goes home soon.
-we're supposed to have really bad weather tomorrow and friday. I am not-so-secretly hoping for lots of snow. I love it!
-i email Caroline all day long with my blog questions. i want to change my background but am not ready to commit yet
-i love to be read to.
-new blog post coming soon of our apt! can't wait!
-Daniel and I are SO excited about the winter Olympics!! we've been looking forward to opening ceremonies for months now!!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sometimes it's painful to wait

Almost exactly 6 months ago, i was living overseas. (that is how i met Daniel.) I lived overseas (Asia) for about a year and a half. It was a LONG journey to get there. Even when I had to move every few weeks, and live out of a suitcase for 7 months, every moment was worth it. I miss it. We miss it. Our plan is to go back overseas at some point. We know Father has us here in the states for this time, and we're asking that we be wise with our time and live it with a purpose.

But it still hurts not being where we have been led to go.

Yesterday my mind was filled with memories of life overseas. Friends that were made, everyday routines that only make sense over there, true community with other believers, and a dependence on Father that is indescribable. Last night, Daniel and I relived some of our favorite times from life in Asia. It's fun, but hard. It stirs up emotions and a longing to go back. Every night Daniel and I pray before going to bed. It's usually him because i'm usually too tired to form complete sentences. But last night Daniel asked me to pray, and I could only get a few words out before crying. I ache to be back.

It's funny how things take so much longer to do overseas: everyday things like laundry, buying food, making food, mailing a letter, etc.... Yet looking back, i realize how much more free time i seemed to have. Of course, i only had language classes for a half a day....but still...
I enjoyed Sundays. We had our morning time together, then TRULY rested. there's so much pressure here to be involved in your church on Sundays and Wednesday's, and maybe i just need to get over that. but I loved resting on Sundays in Asia. it was the first time i recognized what the Sabbath could be.
I know that not everyone is supposed to be in Asia, or even overseas. but that's one thing that led Daniel and i together. we have a calling to the same place and people. we feel at home in a country that isn't ours, with people that don't look like us, and love food that some people might gag over.

I could write forever about what and who i miss, but here's the short of it:

- sharing Truth with someone who has never heard of Him before and has no idea who/what you're talking about
- looking at your surroundings and feeling at home
- forming friendships with others like you and finding out what transparency really looks like
- buying lunch for less than a dollar :)
- being amazed daily at a different culture and loving them for it
-doing things with locals that they think are 'normal'
- hearing 'you're beautiful, i love you!' yelled at you daily by strangers, but wishing they could have a mirror to see they are truly the beautiful ones
-not sleeping well for months and letting it bring you to your knees for more of Him
-catching mice in a friends kitchen because they keep her up at night
Even writing this post...i'm fighting back tears. it's hard. these pictures you see are just a glimpse, a mere snapshot of what i miss. it's hard not to be picky about where i want to be 'used' by Him. it's just that i left part of myself, if not most, in another country.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

i've been hit by a truck

And not just any truck mind you, a monster sized humongous truck! it hit me this morning.
Why was i hit by a truck??? I stayed up till 11pm last night. i know i know, all of you night owls and people who have kids are laughing at me right now. but i value my sleep. I need 7-8 hours a night, and don't do well without it.
So what happened was.....
Daniel and I went to the Spurs/Thunder game last night. I love the Spurs. I've been cheering for them for over 15 years. I remember when they drafted Tim Duncan and when Poppovich became the new head coach. I was at the game when David Robinson won MVP. i'm a FAN.

Well, the game was amazing, the Spurs were dominating (no surprise there), and things got pretty even in the 4th quarter. Then the Thunder tied it up, and we went into OT. Now at this point, it was after 9, and my body was already wondering why i wasn't tucked in and all cuddly in my bed. I had already finished my cotton candy, and my body was struggling to be in survival mode. The good news? We walked away with the W, and I held my head high as i left the Thunder stadium. It was a great game, the stadium was loud, and the both teams made it a real nail-biter.
The down side? Getting into bed at 11. I didn't know 11 came twice a day. I popped in 1 Tylenol PM and soaked up every minute of sleep i possibly could.

Then it happened. The alarm went off and i looked and felt like this.
Ok, so my nose isn't that big, but you get the idea. Dark circles, swollen face (hate that water retention), baggy happens to the best of us.

So what is the answer??

Starbucks Venti Peppermint Mocha, nonfat w/ whip, and an old fashioned glazed doughnut! They say you can't buy happiness, but I got REALLY close this morning.

  •  it's Daniel and i's 2 month anniversary of being married today! woo hoo!!!
  • Sarah, my sister, keeps asking for more blog posts. I'm pretty sure she's the only one who reads my blog :)
  • Daniel and I are addicted to TBL.
  • i once hand-fed a wild heyena
  • I've never been to Disney World

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

weekend rewind


Well, the weekend was great. I made Chicken Parmigiana for the first time and literally rocked my own world. I would post the link to the recipe, but i used a combo of a couple :( BUT, it was delicious with the angel hair pasta (no shrooms for this family), and red wine.  i'm not kidding, my meal looked like this.


Daniel bought me Serendipity for my birthday, so we watched that Fri night (he had never seen it), and we both quite enjoyed it. And nothing like going to bed at 9 on a Friday night!!! But we both get up around 5-5:30, so by the end of the week, we can barely make it.
Saturday, pretty much your norm. Work out, errands, then laziness followed.
On Sunday, our church had their kickoff for the Sunday nite classes. Now, normally Daniel and i refuse to do anything on Sunday nights. It's our time to spend with each other, we guard it carefully, and make sure we don't make plans. Call it conviction of the HS or a desire for community at our new church, but we decided to join the classes. Dan went to a Message behind the Music class, and I tried a class that understands and interprets the different types of literature in the Word. I'm sure you'll hear more about these in the future.

SO Monday.....the dreaded day of the week..........

We worked out after work, had sloppy joe's for dinner (not as unhealthy as you'd think they'd be), then played a grueling game of Scrabble!!

Now, Daniel has yet to beat me at this game. Let's just say it wasn't even close, and i was gloating at the end of it :) Why play Scrabble on a monday nite eh? Well, after not having a TV for a year and a half, we both wanted to make sure we never had the tv on 'just because.'
Just because we're home, or there's nothing to do, etc....If we're not watching a specific program, why use the tv as a distraction? So scrabble it was!

On to other randomness....

  • I'm addicted to Luna bar's. I got a free sample with my Moosejaw order, and haven't looked back

  • In my QT (quiet time), I'm doing a study on the HS (Holy Spirit). It's not a book or anything, i just want to know more. More thoughts on that later.....

  • I watched the Packer game on Sunday (yes i have a cheesehead), and although it was a great game...we were left disappointed. At least it was OT, so we weren't too embarassed.

  • Also in sports, Mark McGwire. I followed him in his glory days when he set the WR. Now, i'm left disappointed and thinking he needs to Man Up to his mistakes.

  • Sports cont...I'm going to the Spurs/Thunder game on Wed!!!!! LOVE me some Spurs! can't wait!!!

Wishing you a great Tuesday!


Saturday, January 9, 2010

addicted already??

I'm afraid so my friends.

 it seems i can't stay away. i'm wondering if there is some unwritten blog rule, that you're not supposed to post more than once a day? if so please tell me, and i'll try to store up my thoughts and wait to unload them on you all at one time :)
I thought i'd post some pics today, to kinda give you a better idea of who i am. First of all, I just got married. People ask how long we've been married, i say 'about a month and a haf' and i get 'the look.' The one that silently conveys what they're thinking "just wait, oh so you're still new....blah blah blah' i don't like that look.

anyways... meet Daniel. My best friend, my completion, my lover. Note from the picture he is a Sooners fan. And since i've never gotten into college sports, i tagged along and became one as well.
I have one older sister, Sarah. She's married with 2 boys now. I LOVE my nephews. Grant, the oldest, is just a fun age. he'll talk to me on the phone and says the funniest things. Ethan just walks around and claps. So he's fun too, in a non-verbal way.

I love my brother-in-law Mike. He's a pilot which automatically makes him cool. They live in Houston.  I have parents in Ft. Worth, but sadly no good pics of them right now, so just sit tight in anticipation.
And of course, what is a girl without her friends? I've been BLESSED with the friends in my life. Always there, constant friendship, and love to death. you know who you are. i would post pics of ALL my friends, but then i'd leave someone out, and i don't feel there is a need to categorize here.

                                                                              My sister. i love her.

Above: Caroline, Amy, Sarah, & Jen
Me and Tabi. She lives in Japan. too far away

Hmmm...I'm looking forward to the weekend! Tonight: making chicken parmigiana for the first time (let you know how that goes), and QT with my man. Tomorrow: errands, work out, and hopefully a relaxing evening. Sunday: church- we're starting a new sunday nite class, and are excited. I'll let you know all about it!!


Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm a noob

This is my first time to blog, and i literally have no clue what i'm doing. I go thru the day writing blog posts in my head, and that's as far as they go. I decided to take the plunge and just do it. Even if no one reads or enjoys my blog; at least i'll have an outlet for all of the little moments in life that i don't want to forget. purpose for the blog.....

I don't live close to most of my friends or family. And who has time to call everyone just to say something funny that happened to you that day, or about an awkward moment you were blessed to witness. Which brings me to the reason for the blog title 'awkwardnomad.' I love AM's (awkward moments). i love watching them play out between other people (rather than  in my own life), but after my pride has recovered, i don't mind my own AM's too much.
Also, i claim to be nomadic. I have moved roughly 13 times during my life. (if you count the little moves from different apartments, dorms, etc.. it is much more) I grew up an Air Force brat, so i naturally dislike the question 'where ya from?' not everyone has a hometown, and that's ok. Always being on the move allows you to be adventurous, appreciate other cultures, and not get too attached to one place. I love it!

I feel like i could write on and on and on about myself, but i'll just post this little 'snack' for your reading pleasure today.