Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Life Lately

Since it's been a while since I've really blogged, I thought I'd catch up on what we've up to lately.

About a month ago, Paige started local school. She goes two mornings a week and really enjoys it.

Her teacher sends pictures every day of what they did that day-I look forward to these pictures so much! I love seeing her interact-she's my little extrovert!

My parents came to visit the end of October, which meant Date Nite!

My sister, Sarah, came to visit a few weeks ago and brought Adelyn, my niece, who is the same age as Paige. We had the best time!!! My mom sent a few matching outfits, and everywhere we went people assumed they were twins.

A friend of mine organized some of the foreign families to get together and hand out candy for Halloween. The girls went to about 8 houses to trick or treat and Paige is still talking about it.

A local coffee shop had pumpkins for sale one Saturday and special pumpkin drinks and treats. It wasn't exactly a pumpkin patch, but the kids had a blast!

Then there's little man. Who is just a bundle of fun and always makes me smile.

Joshua is starting to imitate everything Paige does-the good and the bad. 

We had to go to Hong Kong to see Joshua's specialist last month, and the kids loved playing in the big bed at the hotel. Our kids love hotels, which is a good thing since we travel pretty often. 

That's our life lately!

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