Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Best Easter

This was Paige's second Easter. Last year on Easter, we took her to church for the first time. Then we left for Asia the next day. It was a little crazy.

Here she is last year in her Easter basket:



I can't imagine what she'll look like next year in it!

Saturday morning we dyed eggs. My family dyes eggs every year. Even when my sister and I were in high school, college, and not married, we still dyed eggs with my parents. 

Paige decided tasting the eggs is better than coloring them.

Just precious.

My dad, Daniel, and I all dyed eggs too. Daniel practiced his Chinese.

After Paige's afternoon nap, she got her basket. She got bubbles, clothes, books, and candy for Mama.

After lunch, Paige hunted eggs!

Paige didn't really understand the concept of putting the eggs in the basket. She was just excited that they made noise. So she would pick one up and just shake it.

I've realized that holidays with kids, is so much more fun. Even though she doesn't really have a clue about what is going on yet, it's so fun to see her experience it and i'm looking forward to next year! i'm looking forward to doing Resurrection eggs with her too.

We had beautiful weather all weekend, just perfect for Easter!

Cuddling with Daddy.

Sunday morning was amazing! Daniel and I haven't been able to attend a regular worship service in a while-we've been helping out with another ministry in Oklahoma. So it was extra special to be in church and sing and worship with everyone.

Paige with Gogo and Papa, in her jammies.

Family pic!

Look!!! we match!!!!

I love her little duck face!!

I could die over her cuteness. Look at this face!!

After church we went to a friends house for lunch. They had a little egg hunt for the kids. Paige was by far the littlest and still needed a little help.

It was a wonderful day, and we were so happy to be able to spend it with family again this year. Hope everyone had a great Easter!



Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Day on the Farm

Last week we went to Daniel's Aunts' house for a little bit. She has a lot of land, horses, and goats-all things perfect for a little girl who LOVES animals and loves being outside. If we just mention going outside, Paige runs to the front door and whines waits patiently to go out.

Paige wasn't afraid of the horse at all. She loved petting him and "talking" to him. I'm sure the horse enjoyed all her stories.

Here she is trying to give him kisses. What I can say, she's a friendly girl!

We didn't get any pictures with the goats, they were a little shy.  

Paige had a great time running around and playing. It was a little windy, but such a great day! 

Paige is growing up! We went to the doctor this week, and she weighs 20 lbs! Little chunk has put on some weight! She now weighs more than her 16 month old cousin. I know 20 lbs isn't a lot, but for my little munchkin it is.

It's weird that we only have 10 days left in Oklahoma. We've been here almost 5 months, but it sure has gone by fast. We will be at my parents house for about 3 months in Illinois-so if you are nearby, feel free to visit!



Thursday, April 3, 2014

Back in the OK

I just wanted to do a quick recap of the past week here in Oklahoma. We will be in Oklahoma until the 18th, then we head to Illinois to be at my parents for a few months.

Paige has been spending her morning playing with this bucket. I don't know why we even have toys, it's amazing the everyday items that can entertain her for hours on end.

She's also been helping out in the kitchen. I've put her on the counter a few times to "help" me mix or make something. Grandpa came home the other day with the cutest cupcake apron, so now Paige is all ready to bake.

Of course, her thumb is always there to comfort her when she needs it. I have a suspicion that when it comes time to stop sucking our thumb, we might have a little bit of a battle on our hands. I'm not looking at anytime soon, but homegirl likes her thumb.

This same day, grandma and grandpa had to run out real quick, and Paige wanted to go to.

Paige kept standing at the door waiting for them to come back. It was super cute!!

We've had a bit of a struggle with eating veggies or any new foods these past few weeks, so today was a huge victory because she ate her sweet potato without much of a fight at all! 

I started back with crib/pack in play time today. I follow Babywise for the most part, and when we were in Asia Paige did great in her pack n play. She normally would play for about 20 minutes at a time and it was great for me to get a few things done. We haven't done it in several months, so I was worried that she would cry a bit. But she cried for about 3 seconds, then played for almost 10 minutes. It was wonderful!!

That's what we have been up to in Oklahoma!