Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Around Town

Daniel and I have a running joke that I'm not allowed to go to any more fruit stores.

Let me explain...

We have markets here where we can get eggs, veggies, fruits, and meat. But the fruit usually doesn't look too great. There are some specialty fruit stores where fruit is a little bit more expensive but is much cleaner and you can usually get a better variety. This is where I always buy blueberries.

In the last year or so, I have had 4 fruit stores close on me. It started with one. It closed. Then there was a new fruit store near our house. One day it was just gone. Then another one opened up across the street. Again, I went one day and it was gone the next. I found another fruit store not too far away. A few weeks ago they had a sign they were closing.

This is what is coming instead.

A 24 hour fresh milk bar. Exactly what everyone needs.

We were walking out of our apartment complex yesterday and saw this very large truck that doesn't seem to really fit with its surroundings. I told Daniel it looked like something from Texas. And then we saw this on the back. 

Home sweet home.

When we were at the local clinic this week getting some blood work for Paige, I noticed this in the corner of one of the rooms. 

It's a scale. I guess it's used to weigh children. However, I'm not sure if getting a child to sit in that chair is any easier than them standing or laying on the scale. But it certainly was cute.

That's a little bit from our week!



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Paige at 8 Months

Paige turned 8 months this past Saturday!

It was a big day in our family, because it also marked mine and Daniel's 5 year dating anniversary. 

Paige had a check up this past week, so we actually know her 8 month stats!

8 Month Stats:

Weight: 16 1/2 lbs or 7.5 kilos
Length: 68 cm or almost 27 inches
Size Diaper: Pampers Medium at night, BumGenius Onesize cloth diapers, and Fuzzibunz Mediums (the FB are still a bit big for her, but she outgrew the Small's almost 3 months ago)
Size Clothes: 6-9 months
Sleep: Paige wakes up about 7 in the morning. She naps from about 9-11, and 1:30-3ish. She's been taking a catnap from 5:15-5:45 the past few days. I thought she had given up the catnaps for good, but this past week she's been taking them. I'm kind of wondering if she had a growth spurt. She goes to bed about 7:15 and sleeps about 11-12 hours. 
Feedings: She nurses at 7, 11, 3, and 7. She gets solids after the 11 and 3 feeding. This past month she ate yogurt, cheese, black beans, rice, and broccoli for the first time. She is slowly working her way into finger foods. She is ADORABLE when she gums her little finger foods. We just stare at her and keep saying how precious she is. Something about that little mouth gumming a piece of cheese.....i just can't take the cuteness!

Paige is like me in one area.......we both hate bananas!!! So far it is the only food Paige will refuse to eat. I totally understand, I would rather eat ANYTHING but a banana.  She really likes yogurt...something she did not get from me or Daniel.

This 8 month photo shoot did not go so well. I cannot get that girl to sit still :) So most of my pictures turned out blurry.

Paige is still trying to learn how to crawl....she's been on the verge forever now. Today, she finally crawled a few different times. But I don't think it even occurs to her that she's doing it. 

She still loves to stand. Paige has learned how to pull up, and does it quite well! She loves to walk around holding our hands and has been able to stand all by herself for a good 10 seconds, several times. 

-Paige still loves strangers! She has become very aware if Mommy is not nearby though! 

- This past month has been one of the most difficult I feel. Everyone says that as babies get bigger, they get easier. But this month for some reason, was more of a struggle....for me at least. Paige had a runny nose for almost 10 days, refused her afternoon naps a few days in a row, and was fussier than normal. It definitely got to me. But I can tell these past few days, she is growing and learning so quickly, and I am loving it. The runny nose seems to be gone, and she is back to her normal self.

-We had to do some blood work today and I'm now convinced Paige is a superstar. We were waiting in line (at a local hospital) and the kid in front of her had his blood drawn (via finger stick) and cried hysterically. I was SO worried how Paige would do. She didn't even make a PEEP when she was stuck......and then smiled the whole time the guy was drawing the blood out. Everyone was talking about it.....she never cried or even got upset. Crazy!

(she's sad because we wouldn't let her suck her thumb!)

- Paige is babbling all the time now! She went from not making any sounds to non-stop chatter. She makes the funniest noises and seems to get a kick out of it. I have a feeling she will be a chatterbox when she figures out how to really talk!

-We've had several cool days here and I'm trying to be creative in how to keep Paige warm. The house is pretty cool (colder than it is outside). Which is another reason I'm late in getting this post up, because she was staying in her warm fuzzy pj's during the day to keep warm or wearing some mismatched clothes because they layered well. I've thought about getting her some slippers or something to keep her feet warm. She's been sleeping in a sleepsack the last several nights so she has an extra layer.  We might be turning on the heat a little early this year :)

That's our little pumpkin at 8 months!



Saturday, October 12, 2013

Paige Overload

Well, it's been a week.

Last Sunday, I put Paige down for her afternoon nap. She cried and fussed the whole way through because she still trying to learn how to crawl and apparently walk. She also pulled herself up for the first time. So we lowered the crib.

This is after we lowered it.

We had about 4 days of putting her down for her nap, and she would instantly pop up and stand in her crib. With a lot of fussing. The last few days we haven't had much of a problem, so I'm hoping the novelty of it all wore off. She still gets up and stands, but doesn't do it for as long and doesn't really fuss anymore. I think she's more confident in getting up and down now. 

Last Sunday I  was determined for Paige to wear a bow. She is quickly running out of ones that fit her. Something I need to remedy quickly. 

(her ears don't really stick out like this, I just had the headband pulled forward)

Monday morning we were playing with Paige and it was a little warm so we took off her pj's. It might be strange, but other than baths, Paige is always clothed. I think because her clothes are so cute, I want her to wear them all the time. 

We never just let her run around in a diaper, but we did on Monday, and she was so cute!

Daniel traveled to the mountains on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was a rough few days for me and Paige. I have SO much respect for single moms or moms whose husbands travel. I honestly don't know how you do it. This was the time Paige was fussing and standing in her crib during naps, I got a clogged duct, and Paige got sick with a cold. Paige had a 24 hour cold when she was about 6 weeks old, but hasn't had anything since. Even though this cold has lasted just a few days, it's been hard on both of us.

I did love spending time with this little monkey though! 

Tuesday morning, Paige figured out how to get underneath the coffee table. She sat their for 20 minutes just looking around.

 It was so funny to watch her discover the world from a different angle.

After dinner Tuesday I took Paige for a walk. I met a local girl in the elevator taking her niece (the same age as Paige) out for a walk. So we had an impromptu play date at the playground. Doesn't Paige look thrilled?

My new friend covered Paige's legs with her burp cloth, insisting she was cold. It was 85 out.

I've had class this week, and it has gone really well! I have a new teacher this week. We were introducing ourselves and she asked if I was American. I said yes. Then she asked if I was from Texas. I said yes, and asked her how she knew. She said all Texans have a look about them, and I looked like I was from Texas. Which is hilarious since I don't have a southern accent or anything. I kept looking around the house to see if there was something that tipped her off, but maybe I do just have 'that look.'  :)

It's also birthday week in our mom's birthday was Tuesday, my nephew Grant turned 7 on Friday, and FIL Steve has a birthday on Sunday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!



Saturday, October 5, 2013

Clothes, Cuddles, and Chocolate

I feel like this week has been one big fashion show for Paige. She is moving into her 9 month clothes and I get so excited every time she gets to wear something new. It's so fun! And of course her spitting up and getting clothes dirty so I change her 3-4 times a day, helps to make sure she gets plenty of use out of all of her clothes!

(it says "Grandma's Lil Cupcake" and has a ruffle on the bottom!)

She love to play on our bed.

My dad bought her this from Cabela's. She looks pretty cute in it!

I love this face! 

Paige is moving all over the place! She still isn't crawling exactly, but is getting up on all four's and scooting all over. The other day I put her down in her room for a few minutes to play, and came and found her like this. 

Notice she is underneath the carpet. That girl.

This morning I rolled over and checked the monitor, and Paige was sitting straight up, just playing. At least she was quiet so I got to sleep in till 7:20 on a Saturday morning :)

Last Saturday Paige got in a little cuddle time with Daddy. This was the day after getting home from HK so late. We were all needing a bit more rest.

In other randomness, I tried a new recipe this week. It was okay. I think it needed more chocolate, like chocolate chips or something. I was a little disappointed I used a cup of PB chips (a huge treat here) in the recipe, and then didn't love it. Oh well....

Well, Paige is making noises when she should be sleeping...gots to go!



Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hong Kong Style

Last Thursday we went to HK for one night. It was quick. It was exhausting.

Our flight left about 2 1/2 hours late from our city. I decided to change Paige's diaper while we were waiting. For some reason, it weirds me out to change it in public. If I'm around people I know, no problem. But I think because she already gets a lot of attention from the locals, it's weird for me to change her diaper knowing I will have a huge audience.

So I went looking for a bathroom with a changing table. If you live here-feel free to laugh. I did find a "Mother's Waiting Room." Which I assumed had a changing table. But instead it was a large room with several chairs, a crib, and a stroller.

I set Paige down in the crib for a minute while I got her diaper stuff out.

We raced to our hotel as soon as we landed, because I had an 8:30 hair appointment. Daniel put Paige down for the night and I headed to the mall to get my haircut by an english speaking person. I had huge dreams of getting a Starbucks and walking around the mall for a bit first, but the flight delay pretty much killed that dream. hair cut was good, and we pretty much shut down the place at 10. I walked outside to get a taxi, but all the taxi's were either out of service or quoting me insane amounts to drive me, when our hotel was less than 10 minutes away.

So I headed back into the mall to find information to get a taxi. A local guy (who looked maybe 19) asked me if I spoke Mandarin. I said yes, a little. He asked if I needed help and I told him I was looking for the taxi stand. He told me he knew where it was, and offered to take me. On the way, he told me over and over how beautiful I was and asked if I was single. I emphasized that I was meeting my husband.

At this point, it's late, dark and I'm following a strange young man around, praying the entire time. 

Fortunately, he did actually lead me to the taxi stand and left. Lesson learned.....I won't be going around HK at night time by myself. Especially considering I'm very unfamiliar with the city.

I finally get back to the hotel, to a very worried Daniel. With the day being so crazy, and walking straight into a strange hotel room, i couldn't fall asleep. At about 1:30 am I heard Paige crying a bit off and on. I realized she wasn't going to fall back asleep so I went to get her from her pack n play, only to discover she was sitting straight up.  I had never seen her go from a laying down position to sitting up before (ps. she's been doing it all the time now). I think she was a little scared of being in a new place and possibly couldn't figure out how to lay back down.

So we put her in bed with us, and you would've thought the circus had just come to town! She was all smiles and as happy as could be. And I admit, it was really fun to have her in bed with us. Even if Daniel was about 10 feet away from her because of his fear of rolling over on her. 

After about 10 minutes, we put her back in the pack n play and she fell asleep instantly. Me on the other hand just layed there. Sometimes I really wish my brain had an off switch.

The next morning I picked up a few import items to bring back with us-including avocados!!!! 

We went to lunch before heading to the airport-at Outback!!! They gave her a high chair and she looked so tiny sitting at the big table with us!

And the plastic silverware was for her. I'm amazed at what people will give her-suckers, plastic silverware, small tiny toys.....

After lunch we headed back to the airport. Our flight was delayed 3 hours. Fun. We got home about 11pm and crashed. Paige did so well on the flights, despite it being warm, loud, and way past her bedtime. I think the secret was using our Ergo carrier. When it's naptime, I put her in the carrier, and cover her head with the flap. I bounce her around for a few minutes and she falls asleep. I love it!

That was HK!