Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Arkansas bound

Calling ALL Arkansas readers & friends!!!

Daniel & I are going to Fayettville/Eureka Springs for the 4th this weekend. We've never been and want to make sure we don't miss the good stuff!

Tell me your: MUST see's & MUST eat's



Monday, June 28, 2010

weekend rewind

This was the "i'm going to rest if it kills me" - weekend. or at least it was supposed to be. i did rest. but i miss the winter months of ice storms and being couped up cuddled in a blanket watching movies and eating cake, bc it's too cold to go anywhere.

give me cold weather ANY day :)

Friday, was week 2 day 1 of training.....aka strength training day. it was really fun to go the gym and walk right past the treadmills. course it was friday, i could've had my pick of 'em.

We hit those weights HARD. my obliques feel severely bruised bc of the beating i gave them fri night. i love being sore! i love being in so much pain it hurts to touch my toes!!!! fun times, i tell ya.....

Then we scurried home and made peanut crusted chicken and rice. it was a great blend of flavors and pretty easy to make. sorry no pics :( and i didn't put the oven on 475 like the recipe said, because that high of temp scares me. so i prefer to cook longer and lower :)

Saturday we hit the road and ran 3 miles....outside. outside. luckily the temps weren't in the 90's yet, so it was pretty good. it was the first time to run that far outside since my 5k- 2 months ago.

The day was then spent lounging around and watching tv, until our date that night.

(ignore the spot on my dress, think my lens might be dirty)


Daniel and I went to Bourbon Street Cafe, downtown OKC.

The atmosphere was fun and the food was delish!!

my grilled mahi mahi, red beans & rice, and veggies. SO yum!

Daniel's etouffee:

We had some time to kill before the movies started, so we walked around their riverwalk.

(sidenote, when Daniel asked me to go on a date with him, he asked if i would go to a "picture show" with him....how CUTE is he?!?!!?)


funny story, one of the little river boats went by us while we were sitting on a bench and made us a part of the show. the drive yelled out and talked to us about our marriage and stuff, and one lady videotaped it. hahah!!!

it was bright and windy..

I LOVE going to the movies.... LOVE. l.o.v.e

middle row, middle seat, and a coke in my hand= 1 happy Laura!!

We saw it in 3D!!! it wasn't the best of the toy story's, but def a good watch!

Today, was spent at church, taking a walk, and i made a goulash for the first time. totally a work in progress.......

p.s. i forgot to write about Father's Day!


Went to church, and then to Marie Callender's to meet up with Daniel's fam.....

here are all the boys!

that was our weekend!!! hope everyone found some time to rest too!!


Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!

Ok, so I wasn't blogging when i got engaged last year..but who doesn't love a good story?

So here is the very shortened version of how we became Mr. & Mrs :)

Daniel & I met overseas. we actually flew over together to join some mutual friends in their work. We got along instantly. Our personalities naturally gravitated towards each other. For a few months though, neither of us were really looking at the other one in a more than friend way. we just enjoyed the friendship.

sidenote #1: i started praying for my future spouse in jr high/high school,  and always asked that we would have a good friendship for our foundation.

sidenote #2: our mutual friends suggested WAY before we even started dating or looking at each other, that we (and others) make a non-negotiables list. The list could be anything we wanted.

My list:

Strong Sp leader (able to lead me and potential Fam)
Approved by my parents
Love for overseas
Leader in local church (doesn’t have to be a pastor, but just can’t show up on Sun mornings and that’s it)
Keeps his mind/eyes/ears/speech pure
Respectful of women
Not addicted to smoking/alcohol
Honest/has integrity
Not a work-a-holic, but hard worker
Daniel's was shorter and basically said she had to be attractive, want children, and strong believer.
SO i'll skip all the predating drama "does he like me, what does this mean?" you know all the questions that we girls OVERanalyze!!! I was pretty guarded bc i wasn't sure how Daniel felt about me, or the timing of a possible relationship.
Our dating story alone could write its own book  :)
We started dating in October of 2008.
We were long distance from Feb -July 2009. long distance=no fun for Laura or Daniel.
June 12th, Daniel flew to my city. At this point, we both knew we were getting married, but were careful about the amount and depth we talked about it. I didn't want to have my wedding planned before there was a ring.
I wanted to start all of that process when i had the rock on my finger:)
SO, Daniel flies to see me for a week. It was a Friday. It was a beautiful sunny day.
We hung out that afternoon, riding bikes, and just enjoying being together. We were going to go on a date that night.
me waiting to be picked up...
Where i lived  left very few options for a romantical date type atmosphere. We went to a nice hotel in town and had their buffet. they had real ice cream and cheese, what more could you want??
We had a great dinner, and then we went to a park....aka construction zone.  Daniel had picked out the spot he wanted to propose in December. It is now June, and they are doing construction. Huge trucks, lots of people playing music.....everything opposite of romantical.

this is me before, just goofing around, but look at the view behind me!!!!

We were able to go to the edge of the park by the river and find a nice secluded spot. I had a feeling this was it!!
Daniel set up a blanket for us to sit on while i peed. yes, i had to pee really bad. and there aren't restrooms, so I squatted. it's the way of life. I had tissues and antibacterial, bc this is a normal thing where i lived.
So I'm peeing while Daniel sets the mood.
We sit on the blanket and Daniel shows me a book he had made for me.
Daniel wrote in the book about how we met, fun memories we had together, and how we fell in love. He also illustrated each page....the boys got talent.
Well, the last page is a drawing of a ring. so i'm thinking "omg omg omg omg" 
When Daniel got done reading the book to me, showing me the ring on the last page, he then closes the book and talks for about 10 minutes about everything he loves about me.
now i'm thinking "he's not going to propose tonight, what is going on, get to the point!?"
FINALLY, Daniel asks me in the local language if i'll marry him. then in english he asked me to take his name, to be his wife, and will i marry him, and slips the ring on my finger!!!!!!!!!!!!!
now i'm not usually an emotional person, but i attacked Daniel and cried uncontrollably, laughing, crying, staring at the ring, and mmmmmm there might've been a kiss or two :)
(this was the next day bc it was too dark to take pics)

We both called our parents and shared the news! actually Sarah called me right after it happened (her having no clue what's going on) to tell me about her new laptop. let's just say I stole her thunder with my news. ha!

sidenote #3: We both met each other's families when we flew back to the States. Daniel asked my dad for permission 2 weeks before proposing over the phone.

that my friends, is how we became Mr. & Mrs.   :)


Thursday, June 24, 2010

i should be vacuuming

we've declared this weekend the "do nothing but relax" weekend. we'll see if that happens or not. Daniel is good at sticking to the plan, i however, tend to stray....

i think of tons of stuff that i should be doing, therefore robbing me of my good relaxation time.....

- i have to run 3 miles on Sat to stay on the training schedule
-the house needs to be cleaned
- grocery shopping needs to be done
-errands need to be run

my mind is constantly going of stuff we need to do. i'm really hoping to still be able to relax this weekend.

but i'm home alone tonight, blogging and watching/listening to the news. p.s. it's weird to be watching tv at this hour...i have no idea what's on, so i just flip and hope for the best.....

i'm going to leave in an hour or so to go join my running group. yeah.....remember the running group i joined back in the day (april)? I'm going for the second time tonight. and i have a smidge anxiety about it.

i have a feeling i'll be running alone. which is fine, bc it's only 2 miles, which i should be able to do. I use the word 'should' loosely here. everything changes when i run outside.....but if i'm going to run a 15k outside, i should have some exposure to the elements first :)
i still just feel like a huge loser when everyone takes off running their 8 min miles, and i'm trudging behind....so far behind that i actually can't see them anymore. it's sad. this is the reason for the smidgeness of anxiety tonight.....

what else is going on??

my bff Amy is getting married in August. so my time is focused on dresses, shoes, showers, the usual....

it reminds me of my wedding planning days.... sidenote: i totally want to get married again!!! i want to relive the entire day, the music, the food, the people, and FOCUS on it instead of everything else that is going on around me.
so if you were at my wedding and feel like recreating the moment for me..let me know when you're free, haahahah!

i know this post is random..... i should prob write a serious post, but i'm an avoider.....

and i don't like to discuss things until i've solved them in my head. the whole vulnerability thing ya know?
anyways, if you're in OKC and want to run/jog/walk fast with me, let me know!!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Maui day 4 & 5 (hawaii day 11 & 12)

hmmm....where did we leave off?

We got into Maui late Saturday night, and crashed. We got up the next morning searching for Starbucks and drank in all the beauty on the way...

it's crazy to see all the volcanic rock....


We finally found the Starbucks.....we looked at the map wrong, so were starving by the time we got there.

Had breakfast, and met up with Steve & Sherry. We headed to the mall and leisurely walked around. They had a Women's Gap......i was in heaven. Daniel patiently held things while I shopped.

Then we headed to another mall and i freaked out when i saw this!!!!

When we were living in Utah when i was younger, we would go to See's with my mom and i always remember playing on their black & white checkered tile and getting a piece of candy. Of course.....we took full advantage of the opportunity that was before us :)

We had great Italian for dinner, and then tried to squeeze in some good couple pics around our hotel lobby...




After dinner, the 4 of us walked along the beach. It was so beautiful and nice just to relax...




After our walk we headed to bed. we were all so exhausted!!!  and we had to get ready to go home the next day :(

This is the only picture i have of our last day.

I had to take this pic because it reminded me of a song my mom played (on our record player) when we were kids. anyone know "the little white duck," by Burl Ives?  it's a classic.


THANK YOU Steve & Sherry for making this trip not only possible, but wonderful!!!!! I loved my first trip to Hawaii (and can't wait to go back!)! Thank you for all the time you put into planning this trip and making it a great success! We love you!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

apparently i like to run

OK....i'm uber motivated to get back into my running schedule. and I had a goal to run a 10k with Sarah in October of this year. I'm currently (or was before vaca!) at 4 miles.

i think running 6.2 in 4 months is a lousy goal.

I downloaded this...   and emailed Sarah to make sure she's on board.

I'm sharing this with ya'll because i need to be held accountable and encouraged.

I want to be running 10 miles by Sept 6th. That is Labor Day, my dad's birthday, and i have the day off from work. The training schedule is 10 weeks long, and i really believe i can do it..

who's with me???

Thursday, June 17, 2010

weekend rewind

I interrupt your regularly scheduled programming....

according to Sarah ya'll are bored of the Hawaii posts and i need to move on.....i only have 2 days left, and this is a good way for me to document it! however, i hate for people to be bored, so i'll give it a rest for now and post about our weekend.

Daniel & I drove to Dallas on Friday to see my parents and get my haircut. ya'll remember me trying to get it cut in Oklahoma......which brings us to Dallas.

Friday night was spent just hanging out with mom and dad, getting caught up on their lives. they have a lot of cool stuff going on. also, my mom got a new phone that has texting. if you know my mom, this made for an interesting weekend.

i didn't get a pic of her, so here's us at my wedding.....

She bugged me nonstop until i would get her a Christmas ringtone for her phone. yes, ladies & gentlemen, mom listens to Christmas music ALL year round. it's a battle to get her to take the tree down before Valentine's, and that is only because it's been up since October. (no lie, it was up before Halloween this past year)

anyways.....so fun times with the fam.

Saturday.......Daniel and I went for a run with my dad. I actually got a PR of 11:32 for my first mile. which should impress you because it was all uphill!!!!! my parents live in a very hilly subdivision and my dad's normal run route is uphill the first mile. it was also hot & humid....i so missed my indoor treadmill that is flat.

So I ran 1.5 miles and turned around and walked home. humidity+running= laura walking

THEN.....some of my very fave people just had a baby, and live only a few miles from my parents. I also hadn't seen Jessica since i've been back in the states and they've never met Daniel. We stopped by their house for a bit and LOVED every minute of it.

meet Gracie Rae!!! she is SO adorable and has tons of hair. i fell in love with her cute little cheeks and little belly!!

not sure why she isn't as excited to see me.......

look how scrumptious!!!

Jonathan & Jessica are a wonderful couple! his first book just came out...you can check it out here! We had a blast!!

Then we headed to Dallas for a hair cut and dinner with amy & caroline. we went to Fadi's, which is yummmmmeeeeeee! it was all their first time to go, and i take credit for their new love.

caroline & me just chatting away:

caroline, amy, & me

look at this food!!!! red snapper, hummus, pita bread, cauliflower, salad, eggplant, potatoes, okra...

any other Fadi lovers out there??

after enjoying dinner way too much and gabbing nonstop (bless Daniel for enduring), we went to Pokey o's, which is a place amy knew about. omg!!!! you choose your homemade cookies and ice cream and make cookie sandwhiches!!! really?!?!?! where has this been all my life??

after a fun night with the girls, we headed home to get some shut eye.

Sunday we went to my dad's church where he is the pastor. the PNW was great, and we really enjoyed the service!!

after eating my fave meal (roast, pot's, and carrots) furnished by mom, i headed out to pick blackberries from their bush in the backyard.

it's organic....

they were tart! i love it!

me and dad..

i'm sure a lot of ya'll are the same, but i have to rehash everything with Daniel about the day even if he was there for all of it. it helps me process.

Saturday was a great day for me. I felt completely filled with all the great quality time i soaked up from the people i was able to see. I needed my emotional-friend-love tank to be filled, and it was more than ever on Saturday. being around people who are like-minded and have amazing sweet spirits....i realize i need it more than i get. i'm so grateful for this day.

that my friends was my weekend in a nutshell......i'll show pics of our little house flood at a later date.

sarah....this ones for you :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kauai day 8 (hawaii day 10)

ok, so Saturday was technically Kauai day 8, hawaii day 10, but i don't have a single pic from this day.
I'll just give you a play by play so you feel like you were there :)

ok, honestly i have no idea what we did in the morning. but i know we went somewhere, cos we packed up our bags before we left. sooo....hmmm...i'm sure it was fun.

Michael & Laura left for the airport early that Saturday morning. Jared & Mel left later that evening. Daniel & I spent the next 2 days with Steve & Sherry in Maui. yes, we were the lucky ones!!! the flights were all different, so that was actually the only time for us to fly back...rough right?

so we went to the airport, flew to Maui, and shocking, my bag didn't make it. Daniel's did. really?? like a man really needs his suitcase? hardly. Sherry's was missing too. so they told us to come back an hour later, it should be on the next flight.

so we get the rental cars, and head to McD's for a quick bite.....have i already mentioned that i'm ADDICTED to the sugar-free vanilla iced coffee's?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!? if they were cheaper i'd have one every day.

anyways....after McD's we go back and our bags aren't there. does anyone else know the feeling of looking at an empty conveyor belt expecting to see your bag?? you feel so used when the process that you have come to count on for years doens't work. somehow i made it thru....pressing on.....

Then we were told our bags would be on the next flight. thankfully, they were. it was really late and we were exhausted!!!

so we headed to the hotel (did i mention it was late?) and checked in. we had a gorgeous room overlooking the ocean. my head then hit the pillow, and that my friends, is day 8.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Kauai Day 6 (hawaii day 9)

Well, i said i need some time to catch up.......

Our apartment living room is flooding from the rain, so i'm home today watching the maintenance guys wetvac our living room. they said they would be back every hour. so that gives me some time to catch up on  blogging :)


Friday, I really wanted to rest. Yes, every muscle hurt and ached from the hike the day before. What hurt the most were my ankles, which i thought was weird. this is why i look tired (and not sure if i had on make up here)

anyways, friday, Daniel and I took the car and and went down the main street in Kauai to shop. We found really cool stores that had clothes made out of 100% spun bamboo. They were comfy but sadly had a weird fit. but i'm still really open to buying bamboo-made clothes in the future. We also found a local sports store that sponsored a weekly running group. I contemplated joining.....

There was also signs and T's at the store that said

"I run so I can eat."
hahahaah I loved it!!!

Another store had clothes made out of hemp. they were SO soft!!! but i looked at the price tag and realized the store owners must be clinically insane. so we mosied on out.

We stopped by one of the beaches and just watched the waves come in.

  it was just perfect! i loved sitting on the beach with my man and watching the waves. i could do it forever.

i wish you could hear these waves!!

after a wonderfully relaxing day, we headed to dinner with the fam. This  was one of my other fave moments. All of us had dinner together, then sat by the pool and talked. I love this! I just always love the after-dinner convo's, i wish they'd never end! we had smoothies and milkshakes and just relaxed....so great!

Then Michael took some family pics on the beach (which i need to get from him...) and of each of the couples. I can't wait to see how these turned out.....

It was a delightful day......