Saturday, November 9, 2013

Coming to town

Sarah & Mike (sis and bro in law) flew in late last Saturday night. I was so excited, I couldn't believe my sister finally made it here!! I couldn't wait to show her where I live and the culture.

Other than their first day, they both did great with jet lag! I think making them stay busy all day long every day helped!

I was very surprised at how adventurous Mike was-he wanted to try everything, no matter how different!

Paige loved all the time with her Auntie Sarah and Uncle Mikey! There was a lot of fun playtime!

Daddy got in some good reading time too!

Enjoying our local noodle shop! (they make the noodles right in front of you) I was impressed with their desire and ability to learn how to eat with chopsticks! 

Sarah LOVES tea! She is a Teavana addict and drinks about 5 cups a day. She really needs to be a sales rep for them. We did a tea demonstration while they were here, it was so much fun! And of course Sarah bought about 7 tins of tea!

We went to the local opera/play while they were here. We had a friend watch Paige, and Daniel and I especially loved having a night out!

We even went to Starbucks and got a gingerbread man cookie, which the barista kept referring to as a snowman. I LOVE Starbucks at Christmas-the red cups, the special mugs, it just makes me feel all warm and happy inside. 

One day we went downtown. Here we are trying to blend in.

There is just something about having a sister. There's just a different realness when being with her.

think we look alike???

I loved seeing Sarah with Paige. Being moms together is so much fun!

I normally would've been really sad to say good-bye, but we will actually be coming to the States in 10 days for several months. So instead of a sad teary good-bye, we were both like, okay see you!



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