Saturday, September 27, 2014

Paige at 18 Months

The last post for Paige was at 15 months. I can't believe how much she has changed in the last 3 months! I'm going to be honest....the first year with Paige was pretty easy. I know not everyone loves the baby stage, but for me I absolutely loved it! I would say 12-17 months was pretty hard-just the new stage of discipline, learning boundaries, figuring out food and new was hard for me. But now that Paige is actually 19 months, I am LOVING this stage! I can't believe how quickly she learns something, how fast she repeats new words, or how cute to see her play mama with her little baby dolls.

She has really gotten into pretend play lately-tea parties, rocking and feeding her babies, and imitating me around the house.

Paige had her first trip to the beach this past month. She was a big fan-she loved playing in the water and with the sand.

She also spent a lot of time in the car these past few months. She's a pretty great car traveler!

18 Month Stats:

Weight: 23 lbs, 13 ounces 50% (these are actually 19 month stats)

Height: 32 inches, 50%

Size Diaper: Disposables-4, Cloth-Medium. And I am now making my own wipes-I just use papertowels, hot water and a tablespoon of coconut oil. I've been doing this the past few months, and she hasn't had a single rash since!!

Size Clothes: 18-24 months, a few 2T shirts

Size Shoes: 4-4 1/2

Teeth: 15!!!!! She's about to get her 16th tooth! The girl has a mouthful!

Words: I can't even count how many. She repeats almost anything we say. They did teach her how to sign "more" at her school she was in. But she signs "more" and says please together anytime she wants something. It's pretty cute. I will say that life is MUCH easier when your child can understand most of what you say and is able to communicate back to you.

Sleep: Still sleeps about 7:30-7, sometimes less, sometimes more. She takes one afternoon nap from about 1-3. Sometimes she will take a morning nap, but then her afternoon nap is really late. 

Food: She's on all table food. She can use a fork and spoon pretty well, but still will use her hands depending on what we're eating. We still alternate eggs/toast and oatmeal for breakfast. She gets milk at all her meals, and sometimes a little before bedtime. She had chocolate milk for the first time this past week. I figured since she won't be drinking it in East Asia, she could handle a little treat. We still don't give her juice or much sweets. She's a good eater and eating more veggies, which makes this mama happy. 

Paige had some great cousin time these past few weeks. It's fun to watch them all play together and give each other kisses. 

Paige has even had a little TV time lately-which I'm still completely against, but at the same time, trying to get ready to head back to East Asia long term...mama needs help, ha!


That's Paige at 18 (really 19) months!

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