Friday, April 10, 2015

Joshua at One Month

Oh blogging.....I need to get it together.

I've been meaning to get Joshua's one month post up for well, over 2 weeks now. The time is flying by fast, much faster than it did the first time. I need to do these monthly posts more often, or I quickly forget what was even going on!

It's been a great first month for Joshua-he's eating and sleeping well, enjoyed time with grandparents, and is being a great little brother for Paige. We went to the doctor at two weeks and again at four weeks for check ups. The only issue is that his umbilical cord still hasn't fallen off yet. And honestly, it doesn't even look close. The doctors don't seem concerned, but I am really ready for it to come off so he can have a real bath. 

He does okay with his sponge baths and doesn't seem to mind the water, but hates the time right after until we can get him dressed again. We've been bathing him at night and it seems to help settle him down for the night.

His first outing was at 10 days old. We had to go to the US Embassy to apply for his passport. It was his first time in a taxi.

This is how we usually get around. He does great in the stroller and has taken many many naps in it. 

Here are his one month stats:

Weight: 8.2 lbs (he was 6.6 at birth)
Length: 20 inches
Size Diaper: Newborn
Size Clothes: Newborn-poor thing is still so tiny hardly anything fits
Sleep: I haven't really put him on a schedule yet, but we do Babywise, so we try to have close to an hour of wake time after a feeding before he takes a nap. At one month, his longest stretch of sleep was 3-4 hours. We struggled through some reflux his first month, which always seemed to be worse at night. I even went off dairy to see if it would help. His reflux is almost completely gone now, and I'm back on dairy (praise the LORD!). He does really good in the swaddle and sleeping in his crib. Right now, we still have him in our room but will be moving him to his nursery in about two weeks.
Feedings: He eats about every 3 hours, sometimes less, sometimes more. Nursing is going great-he's a very fast eater! I'm SO thankful nursing has gone so well! I know that every child is different, and nursing with Paige went so well I didn't want to take that for granted or assume it would the second time around, but it has been so easy.

We thought Paige was an easy baby. Joshua is more so, if that's even possible. He doesn't even have a witching hour or regular fussy time (knock on wood!). He does fuss every so often, but it's pretty rare. I remember Paige cried a lot during her first few weeks, but Joshua is pretty laid back. He fusses right before naptime and sometimes with gas.

Daniel gave Joshua his first bottle when he was exactly one month old. It's always weird to see someone else feeding your child when you are nursing, but it's also really nice to have freedom to go out once in a while too!

Joshua loves being on his tummy and being held. 

Joshua looks so much like Paige did when she was a baby-it's crazy!

The two month post will have a lot-it has been a busy second month for Joshua-including his first airplane ride and international trip!

That's our little Joshie at one month!

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