Sunday, May 3, 2015

Joshua at 2 Months

Joshua turned 2 months on April 24th. Of course, I didn't realize that. For some reason, I thought he was 2 months on the 21st. So all day I was taking pictures of him, talking about him being two months and even posted on Instagram and Facebook about it. It wasn't until a few days later when I was looking at my calendar did I realize I was wrong. What can I say, I'm tired.

He had a really big month! He took his first international airplane ride-this little guy already has a couple stamps in his passport! He did so great on the plane-it's much easier to travel with them the younger they are. 

His umbilical FINALLY fell off the day before he turned 2 months. I can't believe it stayed on that long. So he had his first official bath! We think he likes bath time, he doesn't fuss at all when we give him one.

This little man gets out a lot-mostly riding in the stroller, but sometimes the occasional taxi. Car seats are rare here, and are never available in taxis, so we are the human car seat.

Paige has been a great big sister to Joshua. She will read to him, ask to hold him, or try to bring him a toy to play with. 

Joshua had his 2 month check up and did pretty good with the vaccines. All the locals ask how old he is and then comment how little he is. I guess because he was so tiny when he was first born he seems huge to me now.

Two Month Stats:

Weight: 9 lbs, 11 oz (10%)
Height: 21.4 inches (10%)
Size Diaper: Pampers Newborn, we just started using size Small. They are a little big on him. We used cloth for a few days, but they are too big, so we will wait a little bit longer.
Size Clothes: He is out of newborn! He wears all 0-3 months now, which makes me very happy to have more choices when picking out his clothes.
Sleep: He's not on a great nap schedule yet....well he's on a schedule but he doesn't always sleep as long as I'd like. His morning nap is usually his best-about two hours, then the next 2 are a little up in the air. Sometimes he really gets stuck at 45 minutes and can't go back to sleep. His last feeding is between 9-10, then he sleeps about 7 hours. He is sleeping in his crib now-hallelujah!
Feedings: He pretty much wakes himself up at around 7:30 each morning, and feeds about every 3 hours, sometimes less sometimes more. I feed him once at night, about 4 in the morning.He definitely had his 2 month growth spurt where he ate nonstop. I'm just glad I was prepared for it this time.

This little guy makes me so happy-he is so cute and loveable!

 Joshua had another visitor this past month-Auntie Sarah! She helped us out so much and it was wonderful to have my sister here for a week! Seriously, don't take having family live nearby for granted.

Sometimes I can't believe we have two children. I'm going to be honest though-it's difficult having a newborn and entering the terrible two's. This past week especially has had been hard. I know everyone goes through this and they won't always be this little-so I'm trying to enjoy it and remember I will look back and wish they would be small again.

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