Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Recipe and Travel

Let's start with the most random....

This past Monday I had a few friends over and I have been waiting forever to make this new recipe I found on Pinterest. It makes a 9X13 so I've been waiting for a reason to make it for more than just me and Daniel.

When I first tried them, I didn't think they were sweet enough (even though all my friends assured me they were very rich!). But I refrigerated the leftovers and they are AMAZING chilled. yum yum!

In very current news, I'm going to be in the States for about 2 1/2 weeks. I leave this Sunday. I know, crazy right?!?!?!?!? Here's the story:

BFF Caroline got engaged and is getting married June 14th. When we first moved here (a year ago TODAY), we agreed that when Caroline got married (she wasn't dating Shane when we first came), I would go back for the wedding. She had a whirlwind romance and was engaged in early December. 

That's when we started praying and asking Father to show us if I was to go home or not. The tickets were looking a little pricey and the trip to the states was pretty unexpected.

I knew we couldn't make any decisions until we found out about our taxes. Last year we ended up owing over $3000 (it was a complete shock!). I knew that if we owed anything at all this year we couldn't afford the trip back. So again, lots of prayer that we wouldn't owe anything for taxes and that I could find a really cheap ticket.

I guess it was about March maybe when we found out that we would owe "a little" in taxes, but needed to wait a week or so to find out the final amount. I was asking Father to really make it obvious through our taxes if we could afford for me to fly back to the states for Caroline's wedding.

A week later we found out, not only did we NOT owe, but we were getting a big enough refund that would completely pay for my entire trip!!!! PTLPTLPTL!!!!! I bawled like a little baby, and have continued to praise Father for not only His provision but for making it so clear through our taxes that He had provided and made a way. 
I was able to get a good ticket price (=lots of long layovers), and I leave this Sunday early am. I will fly into St. Louis and stay with my parents, then we'll drive down to the wedding in Arkansas. We'll drive back to their house where I'll stay for a few more days, then I'll fly to my sisters in Houston for the last week of June.

It's going to be a whirlwind, but also SOOO exciting!!! Father has continued to reveal how perfect this timing is that I go to the States. 

I have more stuff to share so I'll really try to post again tomorrow!

any other blog/twitter friends going to be at the wedding???




  1. That's great! I was wondering if you were going to be able to go. I hope you have smooth travels.

  2. SOOO excited for you! Have a wonderful time! Next time, you need to make sure one of those long layovers is in Seattle! =)