Tuesday, June 19, 2012

States Time

Well, I'm back in the States!!

After a very long trip, I arrived in St. Louis on the 10th. I cant' believe I've already been here over a week....I'll leave Thursday for Houston for a week before heading back. My time with my parents and at the wedding has really flown by. But I guess that's how it always is....

So......I did have a few days of jetlag, mostly just waking up at 4 or 5 and being up for the day. After the wedding I slept all night long and could barely get up the next day. It must've worn me out enough to get me back on track, ha!

This is just going to be a catch up post, then I'll post the wedding stuff!

While I was in Arkansas, we ate at Chick fil a, and oh my goodness!!! Just walking up to the building was heaven! It smelled better than anything and I could not wait to eat everything in sight, ha!

I still haven't tried the chocolate cookies or the sundaes, but don't worry I will!

Last Saturday, my dad and I had a date and went to the Cardinals game. It was so much fun! I usually always think of baseball games as kind of boring and slow, but this one was pretty intense and kept me interested the whole time. And....there was nachos. Need I say more.

We had great seats, so we were able to see everything. But we were also in the sun, and I was drenched!!! Not just a little but practically dripping!

I also was able to meet up with some friends from Oklahoma who happened to also be at the game! So fun!

This is the only good picture I have with my dad. I have no idea why is he leaning so far back.......

It is weird to be here. I thought I would go crazy and buy everything in sight, but we walked into Target today and I barely even browsed and walked out empty handed...who am I?!?!?

But awkward moment, on my long flight I accidentally flung my knife (with butter on it) onto the guy sitting next to me. I thought it mostly landed on his seat belt, but he kept trying to wipe it off.
Also, when I was in the LA airport, I saw these two guys leave the restaurant I was at but there was still $5 on the table. My first thought was that they forgot their money on the table, and I was going back and forth about what to do. After a few minutes I realized they were tipping! Something I haven't done in a long time!

And as weird as it is, I am missing my Asian food so much!! I can't wait to get back and get some fried dofu and cabbage with noodles.

Something I have enjoyed though, is when I buy something and they ask for a home number I just say "I don't live in this country," and they leave me alone, ha!

That's my ramble, have a good night!



  1. Laura, so glad you were able to be apart of Caroline's wedding..
    We love you and so thankful that our Father provided just enough for you
    to be able to fly home .. Have fun with your family and your sister's family.. Love ya, Robin

  2. That was a great view at the ballpark! We were there the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend and melted in our seats. We only made it 3 innings before we got up and stood behind the section where there was more breeze. Glad you're enjoying your trip to the states!