Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wedding Prep

As ya'll know, I flew back to the States for my best friend's wedding. Caroline and Shane got engaged December 7th, and were married on June 14th....Flag Day.

My parents and I drove from Illinois to Arkansas last Tuesday. We got in kind of late so I didn't get to see Caroline till the next day. She picked me up so we could go get mani/pedi's. I haven't had a good pedicure in SO long, my toes could hardly wait!

After nails we went to CFA. That could be an entire post by itself, oh my goodness! My parents don't have one near them so I was dying to eat it!

Wednesday night they had a cook out and I ate one of the best hamburgers ever! It had been a long time since I had a grilled hamburger, oh how I miss grilling out! I also wanted a full length picture of myself in my new dress-it's been a long time since I've bought a new dress, so I was excited to show it off, ha!

And I was able to sit down with Shane and get a little one on one so I could really get to know him. It was so weird for Caroline to marry someone that I had never met!!! So I was excited to get to know Shane and don't worry, I approved!

Caroline, her sister, mom, and me all stayed at a hotel the night before, and had a little personal shower for Caroline. I got this cake at Rick's and it was delicious!!!!!!

Caroline had the big crown to wear, since she was the star, and we all wore the mini ones. Caroline also wore the crown the next day when we went to breakfast, ha!

Stay tuned for the wedding!



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  1. love the new dress! and CAROLINE is married!! so fun! I thought i'd seen somthing of that nature on fb, but couldn't find any details, so i'm glad to see this. i'm assuming you will post about the wedding, meanwhile i will wait with much anticipation:) hope all is well for you! it has been SO long!