Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Day on the Farm

Last week we went to Daniel's Aunts' house for a little bit. She has a lot of land, horses, and goats-all things perfect for a little girl who LOVES animals and loves being outside. If we just mention going outside, Paige runs to the front door and whines waits patiently to go out.

Paige wasn't afraid of the horse at all. She loved petting him and "talking" to him. I'm sure the horse enjoyed all her stories.

Here she is trying to give him kisses. What I can say, she's a friendly girl!

We didn't get any pictures with the goats, they were a little shy.  

Paige had a great time running around and playing. It was a little windy, but such a great day! 

Paige is growing up! We went to the doctor this week, and she weighs 20 lbs! Little chunk has put on some weight! She now weighs more than her 16 month old cousin. I know 20 lbs isn't a lot, but for my little munchkin it is.

It's weird that we only have 10 days left in Oklahoma. We've been here almost 5 months, but it sure has gone by fast. We will be at my parents house for about 3 months in Illinois-so if you are nearby, feel free to visit!



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