Sunday, August 24, 2014

We're having a BABY!

We are excited to announce baby #2 is on the way!!!! I'm a little over 12 weeks and due the first week of March!

We found out we were pregnant on June 23rd. Just like with Paige, I took a very early pregnancy test that was negative. However, after a few days Daniel and I were getting a pretty good idea that something was up. We decided I would take a test on Tuesday, but just like with Paige, I was determined to know first, so I took one Monday afternoon.  It was positive!! 

Little Paigers was sick this day, and a little confused. But now if we ask her where the baby is she points to my tummy. I'll try to do a 13 week recap this week. Again, internet is rare where we are staying, but I really want to do the weekly updates like I did with Paige.

Here are a few belly shots. Don't worry, I'm much bigger now, I've already put on several pounds!

Stay tuned for all the details coming on the 13 week recap!

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