Saturday, November 15, 2014

22-24 Week Recap and Name Reveal

I feel like it's been a big 3 weeks for our little boy! I am feeling him move all the time, and it's so strong I can feel specific parts of his body-not sure if it's an arm or a leg, but he pokes out a lot and lets me know he is in there!

24 Weeks

Here is 24 weeks with Paige:

I'm pretty sure baby boy had a growth spurt during week 23-I was hungry all the time and really felt like I grew overnight. My appetite comes and goes, there's times where I am starving and then times where food just doesn't sound that great. I think I feel less hungry when he's sitting higher up and making me uncomfortable, ha!

Before we get to the stats, here is our little boy's name:

Joshua O'Dell

When I was pregnant with Paige, before we knew she was a girl, we had decided that for our boys middle name, we wanted to use O'dell after Daniel's grandfather, who was James O'Dell, but went by O'Dell. Daniel lost his grandpa not too long ago. We are so thankful that we already knew we were having a boy and were able to tell him that our little boy would carry on his name. Paige's middle name is Olivia, and I really like that our children will both have O middle names.

We didn't have anything picked our for the first name, so after throwing several around we realized that we both really liked the name Joshua, which means God Is Salvation. 

We keep asking Paige where Baby Joshua is and she always points to her belly. She also calls him Baby Joshie, which is pretty darn cute. 

We also had a 4D ultrasound last week:

He has Daniel's nose!

Here are the stats for week 24:

How Far Along: 24 Weeks (almost 25)

Size of Baby: Ear of Corn-about 1 1/2 lbs, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was bigger!

Weight Gain: Maybe 14-15 lbs? 

Gender: Boy-Joshua O'Dell

Movement: YES! I'll have a day where he doesn't do too much, but for the most part he is wiggling and kicking a lot

Sleep: It's not too bad actually. I still wake up tired and have had some back and hip pain, but nothing like what I had with Paige

Maternity Clothes: All pants and most shirts. I still wear my regular t shirts though. 

Symptoms: A little heartburn, increased appetite and just feeling "heavy"

Aversions: Not really anything

Cravings; Sweets, coffee, and I'm dying for a huge gooey cinnamon roll!

What I miss: Not much, maybe sleeping on my back and stomach

What I'm Looking Forward to:  Not mom is bringing the nursery stuff when she comes in February so there really isn't much for me to do right now. I guess just continuing to have a healthy pregnancy and feel my little one move!

Best Moment of the Week: Daniel and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary yesterday! We went out for dinner and a movie and had the best time!

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