Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Paige at 21 Months

Paige is 21 months! I keep referring to her as almost 2, so when I say 21 months, it really doesn't sound too old :) Of course, this post is a little late, and now she's almost 22 months.

Here she is enjoying thanksgiving dinner! She mostly just ate the jello and bread though.

We don't have a grassy area or playground in our apartment complex, so before the weather got too cold, we were going out pretty regularly to play. Paige is a little celebrity here and people love to take her picture. This one day, an older man started taking her picture and she quickly posed for him.

This girl!

As I mentioned the weather is getting cold here....this is us heading out the other day. I call her my little marshmallow!

Poor thing can barely move in all her clothes-she reminds me of the little boy from the Christmas Story!
These last 3 months have been full of change for Paige and she has done really well! She eats the local food really well-tonight she had 5 servings of noodles! She can also walk up and down the stairs at our apartment pretty good. Our days don't always look the same, but I still try to keep a loose schedule. We were going out to play or run errands most mornings between 10-12. It's gotten pretty cold and gross out lately, so it's harder to do that now. I took her to the playground this week, but she was so cold and had a hard time playing with her big coat on. So i'm thinking of ways to give her some good playtime that doesn't include frostbite, ha. 

We took Paige to the doctor twice this week-she had a double ear infection and a really bad cough. She's better now, but still has the cough and and runny nose. She is on breathing treatments, but I can't really tell if it's working or not. I hope she gets back to 100% pretty soon! Even though i've enjoyed the snuggles and yesterday she fell asleep in my arms-which hasn't happened in forever! Since we were at the doctor, I actually know her stats this time!

21 Month Stats:

Weight: 24 lbs...she hasn't even gained a full pound in the past 3 months. That's so crazy to me.

Height: 33 inches/82 centimeters

Size Diaper: Pampers XL, Fuzzibunz Large, and BumGenius OneSize. We actually tried potty training a few weeks ago. It didn't go well, so we are waiting a bit. 

Size Clothes: 18-24 months, with a few 2T shirts

Size Shoes: 4 1/2

Teeth: 16, still waiting on the last molars to come in

Words: Tons.....she jabbers all the time. There are definitely times where she is saying something and I have no clue what it is. And she loves to sing! It's really adorable. Sometimes she wakes up in the middle of the night and will "talk" for a few minutes to a few hours! 

Sleep: We changed her bedtime to 8pm, so she gets up in the morning between 7:30-8:30. Since she's been sick, there have been days where I wake her up at 8:45 or 9. Her naps are usually from 1-3, give or take a half hour. She's also in her toddler bed and hasn't fallen out since the first week! She still stays in bed until we come get her....I'm shocked it hasn't occurred to her yet that she could get out of bed if she wanted. But I'm loving that she hasn't figured it out yet.

Food: There are days she eats tons and days where she won't hardly eat anything. For breakfast we still rotate between eggs and oatmeal. She loves all dairy products, fruits, meat, and soups. I gave her apple juice as a treat when we tried potty training and she's had a lot this week too. They don't have liquid antibiotics here, so she gets a powder mixture dissolved in water and juice. 

She loves playing tea party, being read to, helping me cook, bathtime,  and playing outside. 

That's Paigers at 21 months!

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