Monday, January 26, 2015

Christmas-Part 2

I was really excited about celebrating Christmas this year! Our house was full of decorations, we were hosting friends at our house, and watching Paige play with her nativity set was so adorable!

This was our 4th Christmas to spend in East Asia, but our first time with a child/baby. (I will always call her my baby). This was also my first time to host Christmas and make a turkey. I was really nervous about it at first, but it was SO easy!!!

My mom bought the girls matching Christmas dresses last year a size too big and I was determined for her to wear it again.

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2014

I can't believe how much she has changed!!! Or how much hair she has!

We were out a little late on Christmas Eve for a friends party, so we thought Paige would sleep in a little bit the next day, but no. So we got up and did stockings, talked with family, then ate cinnamon rolls and bacon for breakfast. I don't make cinnamon rolls that often, just because it's time consuming, but every time I eat them I wish i made them more often.

Paige loves to help sweep and clean the house, so Daniel's parents got her a mini cleaning set. 

We didn't do too much for Paige this year-she really didn't need much. We mostly got her books. This girl will let you read to her for hours! I filled her stocking with Puffs that I found on clearance at an import store! And by clearance, I mean they weren't the normal $10 per container. 

At first Paige didn't really know what to do with the presents and gift bags, but once she figured out there were toys and fun things inside, she was all about it!

Here's a bit of the aftermath! 

Daniel gave me my favorite present-a Starbucks Christmas mug! I've been using it almost every single day since Christmas. Other than Sundays, when I use my special monogram mug my sister gave me, this mug hasn't left my side.

We skyped our families while Paige opened her presents so they could see her reaction. After presents, we let her watch some Christmas cartoons while Daniel and I played with our new toys and drank lots of coffee. 

We had several friends over for Christmas dinner, and sadly I do not have a single picture. But there was turkey, gravy, potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, hot cider, and yummy desserts. Paige ended the night not feeling to well so we put her to bed a little early. Us adults stayed up talking and having so much fun. 

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