Sunday, July 8, 2012

Headed to Houston

After spending about 10 days with my parents in Illinois, I headed south to Houston to see Sarah and the boys. I have to admit, I was pretty excited to be going to Texas. No matter where I live, somehow it always feels like home.

But first, here I am with my dad on Father's Day!!

I ate really good at Sarah's-she is an amazing cook and is totally crunchy, I love it! She cooks with qinoa, chia seeds, flax seed, and a lot of other organic stuff that I've never heard of. 

Chickpea pasta, bruschetta, salad:

Salmon, green beans, and qinoa:

Ethan (3) and Grant (5):

Me and the boys before church:

Almost every night, after the boys are tucked in, Ethan comes down and sleeps on the bottom step until Mike and Sarah go to bed. One night, we found him asleep like this. Crazy kid!

Whenever I would try to kneel down to get a picture with the boys they always tried to sit on me:

Me and Sarah-we were both in our pj's so it made for a strange pic.

I had a wonderful time in Houston. The heat wasn't too bad, and I had a wonderful time playing with the boys and eating yummy good food!

I've been back a week here, and we're leaving again today for a week of travel!

Stay tuned!



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  1. It's so funny to see my food on a plate. Although there isn't much on your plate, it looks like I didn't feed you! Miss you!