Sunday, April 28, 2013

Looking Back-Paige's schedule

I know as Paige gets older her schedule will change-less naps, feedings, etc... But for now I want to document what we're doing so I remember.

This past week I got a true taste of what it's like to be a SAHM. Daniel was gone Monday-Friday from 8-5, which for us is very unusual. One thing I like about our lives here is that there is a lot of flexibility. We don't generally have 8-5's. So it was a bit different, but not bad.

Paige and I got into a good routine. After her first feeding which is at around 7:30, we do what I call "window time." We live on the 14th floor and have floor to ceiling windows in our living room.

(this is an old picture, but you get the idea)

Window time is when Paige sits in her bouncer, looks out the window, and I get to eat breakfast! Paige has been becoming so alert these days! She will smile and coo and is just so much fun. I love our daily window time!

Here is a pic of her smiling the other morning. 

When Paige goes down for her nap (about 8:30 or so), I do my quiet time, check email, clean up the house a bit-dishes, start laundry, etc....

After she wakes up and feeds, it's about 10:30 or so. Paige will usually be on her activity mat for a little while, then I'll take her into her room to read a few books. Usually around 11:30ish Paige goes back down for her second nap.

During this nap I try to get a lot done. I'll bake-this week it was granola bars, pumpkin bread, and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, or do a work out video and then shower. I have to be quick and try to use every minute of her nap.

Paige naps between 1-2 hours. On most days she averages at least 1 1/2 hour naps.

After her next feeding, I usually try to get out of the house for a bit. We'll take a walk, go to the market, go to the store....just something to be outside for a little bit. Usually by the time we're almost home I'm having to try to keep her awake. When we walk in the door, she usually goes straight down. 

During this nap is when I try to clean something. I make a weekly list and each day I choose one thing to clean-the kitchen, the floors-bathrooms, dusting, laundry, etc.... I'll usually check email again during this nap too.

After her 4 o'clock-ish feeding, she gets to sit in the bouncer in the kitchen and watch me get dinner ready. Usually around this time Daniel will get home and play with her while I finish cooking. She's usually back down for another nap by the time we eat dinner. I love this because then it gives me and Daniel time to have dinner and talk-just the two of us. This nap is shorter than the rest. 

After this next feeding, about 7ish, she usually gets fussy. If it's bath night, she will get a bath during this time. It's nice because it fills the time until her next feeding. I usually don't put her down to sleep in her crib...if she falls asleep it's usually while Daniel is holding her. 

I've been trying to cluster feed, so tonight her feedings were at 6, 8:15, and I'll go and wake her up for a 10:15 feeding. After the 8pm feeding, she goes down in her crib-technically for the night. I'll go wake her for her last feeding, then she'll sleep till about 7 or so.

What's hilarious about everything I just wrote-is that it's all about to change!

This week Daniel will be home a lot more, and we'll be doing more of these things together. I also hope to start back to class in the next week or so. Our plan is for Daniel to be at home with Paige while I have class. I'm not going back full time, just a few hours a week. My goal is to be able to take 6 hours a week. So I'll be using some of those naps for class and study time.
But right now, Paige is refusing to take a bottle. She used to take a bottle great, but we went several weeks without giving her one, and now she's not wanting it. So until I know she'll take a bottle, I can't really start class. She isn't really refusing the bottle, she just won't suck. She lets the milk run down her chin.....and I'm not a huge fan of wasting all of that milk. So hopefully we can figure it out soon. 

Tomorrow I'll post a recap of our weekend!



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