Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Paige Paige and more Paige

Yes, I am THAT mom who thinks every picture of her baby is priceless, adorable, and must be shared.

So on that note.....here is what Paige has been up to recently.

We went to church Easter Sunday. It was our last day in the States before heading home to the EA. Paige thoroughly enjoyed herself. I almost died when I realized she had matching socks and headband to go with her dress. Cousin Adelyn has the same dress. I love that even though the girls are separated by thousands of miles, there is a special clothing bond :)

Paige is also thrilled her socks match her dress. It really is the little things.

Here we are taking our first outing in East Asia. Can I also say, we LOVE our stroller. Phil & Ted's-2 huge thumbs up! 

Our friend lent us her bouncer, and Paige has been getting some good quality time in while spending time with Mr. Giraffe.

Yesterday we read a few books. We read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see? and That's not my Princess.

Daniel had a little fun with Paige the other day too. Boomer!

This past Sunday, Paige wore my new favorite outfit from Aunt Dena. I seriously cannot handle the cuteness. Have you ever seen anything more adorable? No. The answer is no.

And this face....oh my word. LOVE!

On to the sad news....Paige has her very first cold. It kills me to see her not feeling well. It's nothing major, but she has a lot of congestion and hates the nasal aspirator. She wants to be held a lot too, which is fine by me. I love to get my cuddles in. Hopefully she'll feel better very soon!

She is also 7 weeks today! WHERE did the time go?!!?!?!?




  1. She is adorable!! I know this sounds strange, but if you can manage to squirt a little breastmilk up her nose it helps breakup the mucus in her nasal passage. Strange but it seems to work. Also when she is really congested if you nurse her while taking a hot shower the steam helps loosen the mucus and obviously nursing forces her to breath through her nose. Seems to help my little one! Pray she gets over it soon!