Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday Conversations

After lunch today, Paige and I went to the market just a few blocks away from our house. It's where I buy most of our fruits and vegetables. I had just finished buying an orange from a vendor and we got to talking about kids. All of a sudden a man walks up to me, and yells "For-eign-er!!!" (in english). I was like ummm, yep, that's me.

After making yummy broccoli cheese soup for dinner (with bread bowls!) we took Paige outside to the playground that is in our apartment complex. I sat on the swing and let Paige watch the other kids playing. (i need to take a pic of this swing, it has death written all over it.) 

In true Paige fashion, she has all the local kids around her, talking about how cute she is. I ended up talking with a few of the little girls, and I thought the conversation was so interesting. 

They asked if Paige's eyes would be green when she got older. (they are blue now). 

They asked me if I was a foreigner or local. They must've been unsure because of how perfectly I speak the language (hahahahhahh!). I was honored though, and told them I was a foreigner.

Then they told me I had gray hair. Which is a little crazy because as far I can tell, I don't even have one strand of it yet. 

They thought I was about 20 years old. Bless them. I should've bought them all ice cream. 

They asked about my nose ring, and why it looked like I had a nail in my nose. I definitely didn't have the language ability to explain that one!

They asked how many friends we had here. But the way they asked it, made the assumption that it was less than 10. I told them we have a few more than 10 friends.

And speaking of convo's with locals.....we were at a restaurant with my in-laws a few weeks ago, and the waitresses were ooohing and aaahing over Paige. One lady and I got to talking and she asked if I raised her myself. I said that I did. Then she asked if I cooked. I told her I did. She could not believe that I raised a child and cooked. She said I should only be doing one or the other. I joked with her that this is a great idea, and I would take care of Paige and tell my husband to cook from now on. At least I hope she knew I was kidding. 

That was our Tuesday! What are you doing today?!


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