Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekend Rewind-How to save a life

I would say we had a pretty low key weekend up until this afternoon. Thursday-Saturday was a holiday here. But it wasn't a big one, and it has been raining almost everyday, so it doesn't feel like a holiday.

Friday, we ran errands and I made Poppyseed chicken. I haven't made it in a while because I ran out of poppyseeds. No poppyseeds presents a challenge in making poppyseed chicken.But Daniel's mom brought me some when they came last week, so it only makes sense to use them.

(her pj's say Baby Cakes, is that not the most adorable thing ever?)

Friday night Paige was up till almost 1am, crying and fussing in her crib because she kept trying to crawl. She's getting so close, so every night when we goes to bed she fusses for a bit and tries to crawl. So Saturday morning came a little too quickly.

Saturday morning we drank coffee, and I RELISHED it. Mainly because we had been out of coffee creamer for 3 days and I very quickly realized I am addicted to coffee creamer and don't do well without it. I make my own creamer, and it requires sweetened condensed milk. We were out of SCM until Friday. You see the dilemma yes? 

We ate leftovers for dinner, then decided to live on the edge of the wild side and go get ice cream/coffee (i got ice cream, Daniel got coffee). There is a touristy place about a 20 minute walk from our house that has a Dairy Queen (not like america, so don't get too excited) and a Starbucks. It was a holiday. Paige draws attention wherever we go. People love the foreign baby. But we decided to live it up and it wasn't too bad. Paige loves the attention. My DQ chocolate blizzard was the best I've ever had here. Win-win.

This afternoon we were sitting in the living room and Paige was napping. I looked out the window and saw smoke. That seemed odd. So I opened the window and saw that the apartment directly below us had smoke coming out of their open window. I yelled several times and didn't get a response. It smelled pretty bad.

Daniel went down to see if someone was home, but couldn't get anyone to answer the door. He called our apartment office and they very nervously said they would get someone to check on it. 

I started freaking out. It was a lot of smoke. I kept walking around on our floor to see if I could feel any heat coming through. 

I went downstairs to wait for the security guy to see if we needed to evacuate. He pounded on the door and yelled but no one responded. Then the smoke started coming out thru the door. It smelled SO bad.

After several minutes, a middle-aged man answered the door in the pj's. He acted like everything was normal. Come to find out, he had been cooking something on the stove and had fallen asleep. I followed the security guy into the apartment to confirm that everything was okay and no evac was needed. The entire apartment was filled with so much smoke i could barely even see. 

When I got back home my clothes and hair wreaked of smoke. gross.  

Not sure if this is a cultural thing, but I honestly expected a thank you or something from our neighbor. You know, for saving his life and all. He just seemed to laugh it off, like nbd. I don't need a thank you card, but general acknowledgement would make me feel better. Buy me a Coke, give me a high-five, I'm not asking for a lot here. 

Anyways...that was our weekend.

This week we'll do a little traveling, I'll have class, and I'll probably do several loads of laundry.

Happy Sunday!



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