Saturday, October 5, 2013

Clothes, Cuddles, and Chocolate

I feel like this week has been one big fashion show for Paige. She is moving into her 9 month clothes and I get so excited every time she gets to wear something new. It's so fun! And of course her spitting up and getting clothes dirty so I change her 3-4 times a day, helps to make sure she gets plenty of use out of all of her clothes!

(it says "Grandma's Lil Cupcake" and has a ruffle on the bottom!)

She love to play on our bed.

My dad bought her this from Cabela's. She looks pretty cute in it!

I love this face! 

Paige is moving all over the place! She still isn't crawling exactly, but is getting up on all four's and scooting all over. The other day I put her down in her room for a few minutes to play, and came and found her like this. 

Notice she is underneath the carpet. That girl.

This morning I rolled over and checked the monitor, and Paige was sitting straight up, just playing. At least she was quiet so I got to sleep in till 7:20 on a Saturday morning :)

Last Saturday Paige got in a little cuddle time with Daddy. This was the day after getting home from HK so late. We were all needing a bit more rest.

In other randomness, I tried a new recipe this week. It was okay. I think it needed more chocolate, like chocolate chips or something. I was a little disappointed I used a cup of PB chips (a huge treat here) in the recipe, and then didn't love it. Oh well....

Well, Paige is making noises when she should be sleeping...gots to go!



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  1. I love that you found her under the carpet! She must have been exploring. So cute!