Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Around Town

Daniel and I have a running joke that I'm not allowed to go to any more fruit stores.

Let me explain...

We have markets here where we can get eggs, veggies, fruits, and meat. But the fruit usually doesn't look too great. There are some specialty fruit stores where fruit is a little bit more expensive but is much cleaner and you can usually get a better variety. This is where I always buy blueberries.

In the last year or so, I have had 4 fruit stores close on me. It started with one. It closed. Then there was a new fruit store near our house. One day it was just gone. Then another one opened up across the street. Again, I went one day and it was gone the next. I found another fruit store not too far away. A few weeks ago they had a sign they were closing.

This is what is coming instead.

A 24 hour fresh milk bar. Exactly what everyone needs.

We were walking out of our apartment complex yesterday and saw this very large truck that doesn't seem to really fit with its surroundings. I told Daniel it looked like something from Texas. And then we saw this on the back. 

Home sweet home.

When we were at the local clinic this week getting some blood work for Paige, I noticed this in the corner of one of the rooms. 

It's a scale. I guess it's used to weigh children. However, I'm not sure if getting a child to sit in that chair is any easier than them standing or laying on the scale. But it certainly was cute.

That's a little bit from our week!



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