Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hong Kong Style

Last Thursday we went to HK for one night. It was quick. It was exhausting.

Our flight left about 2 1/2 hours late from our city. I decided to change Paige's diaper while we were waiting. For some reason, it weirds me out to change it in public. If I'm around people I know, no problem. But I think because she already gets a lot of attention from the locals, it's weird for me to change her diaper knowing I will have a huge audience.

So I went looking for a bathroom with a changing table. If you live here-feel free to laugh. I did find a "Mother's Waiting Room." Which I assumed had a changing table. But instead it was a large room with several chairs, a crib, and a stroller.

I set Paige down in the crib for a minute while I got her diaper stuff out.

We raced to our hotel as soon as we landed, because I had an 8:30 hair appointment. Daniel put Paige down for the night and I headed to the mall to get my haircut by an english speaking person. I had huge dreams of getting a Starbucks and walking around the mall for a bit first, but the flight delay pretty much killed that dream.

Anyways....my hair cut was good, and we pretty much shut down the place at 10. I walked outside to get a taxi, but all the taxi's were either out of service or quoting me insane amounts to drive me, when our hotel was less than 10 minutes away.

So I headed back into the mall to find information to get a taxi. A local guy (who looked maybe 19) asked me if I spoke Mandarin. I said yes, a little. He asked if I needed help and I told him I was looking for the taxi stand. He told me he knew where it was, and offered to take me. On the way, he told me over and over how beautiful I was and asked if I was single. I emphasized that I was meeting my husband.

At this point, it's late, dark and I'm following a strange young man around, praying the entire time. 

Fortunately, he did actually lead me to the taxi stand and left. Lesson learned.....I won't be going around HK at night time by myself. Especially considering I'm very unfamiliar with the city.

I finally get back to the hotel, to a very worried Daniel. With the day being so crazy, and walking straight into a strange hotel room, i couldn't fall asleep. At about 1:30 am I heard Paige crying a bit off and on. I realized she wasn't going to fall back asleep so I went to get her from her pack n play, only to discover she was sitting straight up.  I had never seen her go from a laying down position to sitting up before (ps. she's been doing it all the time now). I think she was a little scared of being in a new place and possibly couldn't figure out how to lay back down.

So we put her in bed with us, and you would've thought the circus had just come to town! She was all smiles and as happy as could be. And I admit, it was really fun to have her in bed with us. Even if Daniel was about 10 feet away from her because of his fear of rolling over on her. 

After about 10 minutes, we put her back in the pack n play and she fell asleep instantly. Me on the other hand just layed there. Sometimes I really wish my brain had an off switch.

The next morning I picked up a few import items to bring back with us-including avocados!!!! 

We went to lunch before heading to the airport-at Outback!!! They gave her a high chair and she looked so tiny sitting at the big table with us!

And the plastic silverware was for her. I'm amazed at what people will give her-suckers, plastic silverware, small tiny toys.....

After lunch we headed back to the airport. Our flight was delayed 3 hours. Fun. We got home about 11pm and crashed. Paige did so well on the flights, despite it being warm, loud, and way past her bedtime. I think the secret was using our Ergo carrier. When it's naptime, I put her in the carrier, and cover her head with the flap. I bounce her around for a few minutes and she falls asleep. I love it!

That was HK!



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