Saturday, October 12, 2013

Paige Overload

Well, it's been a week.

Last Sunday, I put Paige down for her afternoon nap. She cried and fussed the whole way through because she still trying to learn how to crawl and apparently walk. She also pulled herself up for the first time. So we lowered the crib.

This is after we lowered it.

We had about 4 days of putting her down for her nap, and she would instantly pop up and stand in her crib. With a lot of fussing. The last few days we haven't had much of a problem, so I'm hoping the novelty of it all wore off. She still gets up and stands, but doesn't do it for as long and doesn't really fuss anymore. I think she's more confident in getting up and down now. 

Last Sunday I  was determined for Paige to wear a bow. She is quickly running out of ones that fit her. Something I need to remedy quickly. 

(her ears don't really stick out like this, I just had the headband pulled forward)

Monday morning we were playing with Paige and it was a little warm so we took off her pj's. It might be strange, but other than baths, Paige is always clothed. I think because her clothes are so cute, I want her to wear them all the time. 

We never just let her run around in a diaper, but we did on Monday, and she was so cute!

Daniel traveled to the mountains on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was a rough few days for me and Paige. I have SO much respect for single moms or moms whose husbands travel. I honestly don't know how you do it. This was the time Paige was fussing and standing in her crib during naps, I got a clogged duct, and Paige got sick with a cold. Paige had a 24 hour cold when she was about 6 weeks old, but hasn't had anything since. Even though this cold has lasted just a few days, it's been hard on both of us.

I did love spending time with this little monkey though! 

Tuesday morning, Paige figured out how to get underneath the coffee table. She sat their for 20 minutes just looking around.

 It was so funny to watch her discover the world from a different angle.

After dinner Tuesday I took Paige for a walk. I met a local girl in the elevator taking her niece (the same age as Paige) out for a walk. So we had an impromptu play date at the playground. Doesn't Paige look thrilled?

My new friend covered Paige's legs with her burp cloth, insisting she was cold. It was 85 out.

I've had class this week, and it has gone really well! I have a new teacher this week. We were introducing ourselves and she asked if I was American. I said yes. Then she asked if I was from Texas. I said yes, and asked her how she knew. She said all Texans have a look about them, and I looked like I was from Texas. Which is hilarious since I don't have a southern accent or anything. I kept looking around the house to see if there was something that tipped her off, but maybe I do just have 'that look.'  :)

It's also birthday week in our mom's birthday was Tuesday, my nephew Grant turned 7 on Friday, and FIL Steve has a birthday on Sunday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!



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