Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Years

Let me just be honest and say I'm so happy I celebrated New Years in Texas. I've been enjoying being back in my home state...seeing all the Texas license plates, the t shirts, etc...Sometimes I forget where I'm at and get really excited when I see someone wearing something with Texas on it. Then I remember where I'm at, ha.

Sarah and I went and got our haircut, and ended up getting the same cut. 5 minutes after we left, a lady asked if we were twins. I was like no, doesn't one of us (not me hint hint) look MUCH older??

NYE we just hung around the house. After the girls were in bed, we played monopoly and ate chocolate cake. Somehow I won. It really was one of the best comebacks in game history. We were all in bed by 10:30, and that was pushing it for us old people. Having kids does really change everything.

Sarah and I started the year on the right foot (ha) by getting in a good run on New Years Day. Paige tried to come along.

We had lobster and crab legs for lunch. It was my very first time to eat lobster. 

Sadly, I wasn't the biggest fan. I don't have a big gag reflex at all, but something was just off and I couldn't bring myself to really eat it. I mentally freaked myself out about it. I did have a few crab legs though.

One thing we've had fun doing is dressing the girls up in matching outfits. 

Paige has had a bad diaper rash for 2 weeks, so I figured I'd take her to Sarah's pediatrician to get it checked out, especially since Paige hasn't technically been to a pediatrician since she was 6 weeks. Adelyn wasn't feeling good either, so we made a group visit.

Come to find out, both girls had ear infections. It's Paige's first, and her first time to even really be sick. They are both on antibiotics. I'm really glad I took her in because her rash was infected too, and she needed a rx cream. I felt weird at first going, because I was afraid they'd be like, wow, new mom, there's nothing wrong with your child. But I would've never known about the ear infection, cos she didn't have a fever and seemed fine. I'm also extremely thankful we were in the states to have quick access to meds. 

Paige was 18 lbs, and her almost 3 month older cousin, was 18.3. No wonder it feels like they are twins. 

She has a habit of just raising one fist in the air. We always yell " Paige power!"

We bought her a few bows for Christmas. Have you EVER seen anything cuter?!?!!?

Tomorrow is my birthday. It's my favorite holiday of the entire year. I would celebrate it daily if others would join me, ha! But seriously......

Daniel is taking me to Cheesecake Factory for dinner, then we are seeing the new Hunger Games movie. I just read the first two books over the last couple of days. I'm so excited to see the movie tonight!!! Sarah is babysitting for us. 

Happy New Year!



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