Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Paige at 11 Months

Every month I'm in denial that Paige is growing up. Don't even talk to me about her turning 1 in a few weeks. As I mentioned in the last post, as much as I miss the newborn stage, I LOVE how I can see Paige changing every single day. It's truly amazing how she can daily learn something or do something new. She amazes us.

11 Month Stats:

Weight: 18 lbs
Height: 27-28 inches
Size Diaper: Pampers 3, BumGenius Onesize, Fuzzibunz Mediums
Size Clothes: 9-12 Months
Size Shoe: 3-3 1/2
Sleep: Still rocking it from about 7:30-7:30. We've had several mornings of waking her up at 7:45 and 8. She naps from 9:30-11:30, and 2-3:30/4
Feedings: She nurses at 7:30, 11:30, 3:30/4, and 7:15. She has 3 meals at 8, 12, and 5ish. Unless we are out somewhere when she eats, Paige is pretty much eating all table food. She loves eating finger foods, and has even tried to feed herself a few times recently. 
Teeth: 6! She got 3 in one week. She now has 4 on top and 2 on the bottom. 

She loves noodles, pasta, green beans, eggs, blueberries,  and bread. I need to be better about remembering new foods she tries. She did have tomato and solid corn this past month and I'm sure a few others, but I can't remember.

I took her back to the doctor to check on her diaper rash, because it just wasn't going away. He checked and her ear infection hadn't clear up either.  You can see her playing with cousin Adelyn, how great they are at sharing germs, ha! So she went on another round of antibiotics and got another prescription cream. I could tell a difference just with in a day or two. 

Poor thing was miserable in this picture. But at least the girls are matching!

We celebrated our first Christmas as a family of 3, and it was wonderful! I've always loved the holidays, but having Paige definitely kicks my excitement up a notch. Especially when she's so adorable in her little Christmas footed jammies. 

I'm sure it will only get worse, but it seems like Paige is into EVERYTHING these days! We are constantly redirecting her to the "yes toys" or the "yes cupboards" that she can play with. This past week I've lost her twice. One second she's playing in the living room, I look up and then can't find her. So I go racing down the halls and then find her sitting in the bathroom playing with her bath toys. Gives me a heart attack.

She has quickly learned what the nursery is at church. The last two times I've dropped her off she started crying hard. I know in about 10 seconds she'll be playing with a toy and perfectly fine, but I hate seeing her cry. Of course, after church she went straight into the arms of a complete stranger too, so....

Paige has started giving kisses and oh my gosh the cuteness is entirely too much!!! We were playing peek a boo the other day, I asked for a kiss and she gave me one! She will give them to us almost every time we ask now. Of course, they are the open mouth, drooly kisses, but I will take them!

A big milestone for Paige this past month was getting her very first pair of shoes! Grandma took us with cousin Ava (who's just one month younger) and we had the best time!

When Paige was measured we found her her left foot is a half size bigger than her right. She wears a size 3 or 3 1/2. She doesn't seem to mind wearing them, and I think they are too cute! And it's so nice to be able to take her outside now and walk around with shoes on.

Speaking of walking, Paige did take her first steps the day after Christmas. Today she has stood up by herself several times, but won't walk once she's up. But we'll catch her taking a few steps if she thinks we're not looking. I'm pretty sure she'll be walking by her birthday.

She's doing great in the car. We drove to Houston and back over Christmas, and she did great, which makes it much easier on us. 

Some of her favorite things to do right now, are bath time (she constantly is trying to get in the bathtub), eating, playing with Tupperware in Grandma's cupboard, climbing (she's a mini Alex Honnold), sitting in the brown chair, using her walking toy, and playing with her music center. 

Love this face!

I love my little goober to pieces! She truly makes being a mom just a joy! Her personality is coming out and I love it. Paige is so much fun and I want to have 10 more just like her. :)

Happy 11 Months!



  1. Her eyes are STUNNING!!!!!

    This sounds weird but what makeup do you use? Your skin looks flawless and i am totes jealous!

    1. Charity, that's so sweet! I kind of use a hodge podge of brands, but I did just start using Sephora Microsmooth face powder, and it is amazing! I would recommend it! thanks!

  2. My Huck is very close in age to your doll baby.. I have loved ready your milestones! This age is wonderful!