Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Date Nite

I follow Dating Divas on Pinterest. It's a website with tons of great date ideas-they range from completely free, to at home, romantic, and everything in between. I saw this one that was free and done at a bookstore. Daniel and I love going to Barnes & Noble, so I surprised Daniel with this date last night. I just printed out the sheets, it was SO easy!

After Paige's last feeding, she went to bed and stayed at home with grandma and grandpa. We first hit up Starbucks to use a giftcard we were given (thanks mom!) then I gave Daniel his note for the date. When we arrived at B&N, we each got the same task card of things to do/find. We ended up doing them together.

There are 2 parts of the bookstore date, but we just did one. We are saving part two for next time. It's basically a mini scavenger hunt-with instructions on what to do. For example, it said to find a magazine with a quiz and take it together. This part was hysterical! We laughed pretty hard taking the quizzes!

We did the quizzes in 2 teen girl magazines. It was hilarious! We weren't sure how accurate one quiz was because we didn't know enough pop culture to answer the questions! One of the questions, was Which person from One Direction are you? We both knew it was a band, but nothing else, so we just guessed. It is OBVIOUS that we are not up to date on the lingo or aware of who the famous people are. At least in the tween world anyway.

The instructions say to leave 3-4 hours for this date, but we did part one in about an hour. I could see how you could stretch it out though. We tried to give 5-10 minutes for each part.

I would highly recommend this date-it's so much fun and free!

oh and PS!! Daniel just got his blog up and running again, so head on over!



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  1. That date sounds like so much fun! I'll have to look up Dating Divas on Pinterest.