Wednesday, February 19, 2014

First Valentine's

Last year I was convinced my baby girl would be here before Valentine's Day. She was born almost a week later. So last Friday was Paige's very first Valentine's Day. I'm sure she loved it! She will probably love it even more next year when she can have chocolate and candy.

Starbucks was having BOGO that afternoon, so Paige tagged along while Daniel and I celebrated with lattes. We've also been having lovely weather lately, so we enjoyed the sunshine!

My in-laws took Paige for the evening, so Daniel made me a fancy dinner and dessert! We had steak, potatoes, and asparagus. It was so yummy!!!!

Saturday we went to the park. The sun was out and the temps weren't too bad, but it was windy! Paige loved the swing! When we took her out to go home she clearly let us know she was not happy about it.

Sunday, she wore her little cupcake outfit. Oh my gosh I couldn't even handle the cuteness!!!!

She loves being outside! Today was so nice we let her run around in just her diaper. She got dirty and tried to eat the leaves. It wasn't going to be bath night, but she was needing one after all the running around she did.

cutie pie!

Today we went to the library. Paige turns 1 tomorrow and I think i'm very slowly starting to accept it. These pictures of her walking around make her look so big. In my mind she's still just a little baby. 

We are having her birthday party on Saturday, so tomorrow we are just doing little celebrations. We are reserving her first chocolate experience for her cupcake on Saturday, but I thought it'd be fun to go get donuts in the morning and let her have a donut hole or something. I'm very interested to see how she likes sugar :)



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