Thursday, February 13, 2014

Our little Cupcake and a question

Here's a quick recap of what we've been up to lately!

Let's back up....Superbowl! It's really all about the food. So I made this Smores pie and it was sooo good! Even the leftovers were good-just heat it up for a few seconds, and YUM!

I thought it would be hard to make the top crust, but it was pretty easy!

Paige has been getting some good piggy back rides around our house. Grandma was giving her one the other day and Paige just lay her head down. It was so sweet! 

Daniel's parents have a play tent and tunnel, but Paige hasn't been very interested in them. We got the tunnel out again the other day, and she finally went in the tunnel and played by herself. 

I can't believe how fast Paige is changing. Every day she does something new! Today she started putting her hands over her face to play peek a boo with us. I can tell her to go get Babydoll or her Bunny and she will go get them. It's so crazy!

Last Friday, Paige and I took a little road trip to Dallas, to see our friends Jen and Anna for the night. Jen was a bridesmaid in my wedding, and I love that we both have little girls now. 

Anna is a few months older than Paige, and they played really well together. Paige loved all the "new" toys!

We tried to take a few pics with us all together, but with two little ones that's almost impossible. So this is the best we got!

Last Sunday we all got a little was really slick out and we all slipped and fell on the ice. It was SO scary to see Paige's head on the concrete. One of the scariest mommy moments. But thank the Lord, she just had a tiny red mark and was completely fine! 

Better late than never, Paige got her flu shot today. She was a champ and didn't even cry. 

I can't believe that a week from today she will be 1. I'm so in denial about this. I keep seeing how much she's growing and changing, but it's hard for me to not have my little baby anymore. And speaking of.....I need some mommy advice. 

How do you know when it's time to wean?

Right now i'm still nursing 4 times a day. Paige does well nursing and with a bottle, so I don't think she will care. But I can't decide how I feel about it. Sometimes I'm so ready to wean and get my body back. Other times, I can't imagine not nursing her. I know it looks different for everyone. I just can't seem to make up my mind. I'm afraid I'll wean and then regret it. I don't have a strong reason to, other than it would make it easy to go places and it would be easier to run in the morning. 

Mommy's-how did you know when it was time?

thanks for your thoughts!




  1. I prefer the approach of letting the child lead, so as G gradually dropped her daytime feedings, I dropped them, too. (She was around 15 months old at the time.) I still kept the wake-up and bedtime feedings, though--and I'll admit those were hard to drop when I found out I was pregnant and decided it would be best for me and the new baby! G didn't seem bothered, though, so I think the timing was just right. It's nice now not to have to worry about fitting in feedings and just preparing G's meals with the rest of our food.

  2. With my eldest I was ready at a year.. He was not a great nurser and wasn't getting much at that point. He did just fine. I nurse on demand so my baby, who's 10 months was a big night time nurser.. Like up every 45 mins at night. I was losing my mind from exhaustion and started to wean him recently but then decided this wasn't a decision I could make simply out of the need for sleep. Once you're done, you're done so I wanted to be sure. I got from counseling from an expert and decided to night wean.. He now sleeps 12 hours at night! Yay and nurses a lot more during the day. So awesome. So I won't wean him for as long as we both need it. I think it's important to just do it as long as you're both happy. If it's a chore you dread or she's not getting enough, quit. Obviously you've done great for her first year which is awesome.