Saturday, February 1, 2014

Baby Toddler

Paige has been in her crib for over an hour now playing. I think she's just about to fall asleep. Surely, she is just about to fall asleep. Sheesh.

Baby girl is growing up so fast, and Daniel is determined to make me accept it. He keeps referring to her as a toddler and making me cry. She is STILL a baby and will always be a baby to me. Even if my 11 month old is full on walking. I'll post pics soon.

It's been cold here lately, and we're about to get 3 waves of snow/ice/and sleet. I used to love snow days, but when you have a baby, (not a toddler), being stuck inside for days isn't the best for anyone. We were inside for a few days in a row recently, and finally decided we had to get out. And any reason to wear our cute cupcake hat is a win.

We've also been spending lots of time in our pj's. Because hello, baby in footed pajama's, what is not to love? And of course, Paige isn't lacking in her Grandpa snuggles.

(see BABY! she's so tiny and cute when she sucks her thumb. Someone. anyone. please agree with me!)

A few days ago, a friend offered us free tickets to the OU basketball game. It was last minute and I had never been to a game so we scooped them up. I chattered non stop about how excited I was, and Daniel quickly realized, I have got to get out of the house more.

But being indoors and cold makes me want to bake. I made blueberry muffins from scratch for the first time, and they were delish! Here's the recipe. I will say, they really are best the first two days, after that they were just 'eh.'

I got a bundt pan for Christmas and I made chocolate chip pumpkin bread/cake. It was really good and I was giddy with how it came out! I'm going to try this Cinnamon Roll recipe soon, I can't wait! She has several that I want to try. My sister made a chocolate one and said it was yummy.

Random, but has anyone watched the Wahlburger's show? I watched both episodes and loved them! Really made me wish I had grown up with brothers. 

Also, yesterday afternoon I joined my SIL at a nursing moms group. I'll clearly spare you the details, but it was fun and something new. There was a first time mom there with her 5 day old, who was struggling to figure it out. Been there! And can I just say, SO glad I'm not there anymore! I love nursing, but those first few days for a new mom, where you have no idea what's going on....whew.

Tomorrow we plan to go grocery shopping before the crazies get out and take all the bread. We will of course be watching the Superbowl too. I'm not overly committed to cheering for any team, but I get excited to watch a good game. I'm planning to make guacamole and drink Coke in a fancy glass. 

Happy early Groundhog Day!


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