Monday, May 5, 2014

Newlyweds, family, and dedication

We had a wonderful weekend! We had great weather and great time with friends and family!

My parents get together with a group of their friends every Friday night. Everyone takes turns hosting and it's a big potluck dinner. This week it was my parents turn to host, and it was a special game night. One couple prepared all the questions for us to play The Newlywed Game.

There were 7 couples who played, and it was SO much fun! We were by far the youngest couple, with the oldest couple celebrating their 61st wedding anniversary that night. Daniel and I enjoyed ourselves so much!! We won the game by 1 point!!! 

On Saturday, Daniel's parents drove up from Oklahoma for a quick trip. They got in right after lunch, and Paige was excited to see them! We spent the day playing outside, the weather was beautiful! 

This morning we did Paige's baby dedication at my parents church. It was extra special, because my dad is the pastor. 

We were really thankful it worked out for both of Paige's grandparents to be here for her dedication. We didn't get great pictures, but oh well! That's why we tried to take some before we left the house.

Sundays are usually the hardest day for us, as far as Paige and her schedule. Sunday mornings I'm always rushed and trying to get a good picture of her, which usually doesn't happen, ha! I love this picture just because it shows how things normally are.

I just finished watching Call the Midwife (love that show!), and am about to get ready for bed. Hopefully a long run in the morning!



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