Friday, May 2, 2014

Wake up Call

We've been at my parents house in Illinois almost 2 weeks now. Paige is doing SO great sleeping at night and sticking to her 2 nap schedule. We've been mostly around the house, so she hasn't really had to miss any naps. 

My mom has been a member of a gym that is geared towards Senior Citizens for a while now. It's not only for senior citizens, but most of the people are over 40. Anyways, her year membership is amazingly low and I found out I could join at a prorated amount for the time we're here.

I have always loved spin class. Back in the day when I was single and working, I worked out at 24 hour fitness and loved spinning! I've gone in Asia too, and really enjoy it.

However, the spin class is offered at 5:15 in the AM or at 5:15 at night. Working out at dinner time is pretty inconvenient. So for the past week, my mom and I have been waking up at 4:45 to go to spin class on Tues/Thurs and Kettle Bell on Fridays. I've also gone to yoga twice and plan to go again tonight. I had never done yoga before, but I'm really enjoying it!

I have LOVED waking up early and working out! And having a work out partner makes all the difference! Even if I sleep bad and am really tired, instead of turning my alarm off and sleeping in, I get up because I know my mom is waiting on me. And then we're home by 6:10, so I can get in my shower or quiet time before Paigers wakes up! It's pretty ideal.

I'm also trying to get back into running. I've run twice in the past week, and hope to get another run in tomorrow after kettle bell. (the gym is less than 3 miles away, so my plan is to run home tomorrow from the gym). And can I just say, I am LOVING kettle bell. It is so much fun!!

My run pace is slow, but I don't mind. I know I need to stick with it if I'm ever going to get my mileage back up. My hope is to be at 5 miles in the next month or so, and to do that I need to run at least twice a week. 

It's cool here today, but the weather is supposed to warm up starting tomorrow. I know Paige is ready to get back outside and play and go for some walks. 

Tomorrow night my parents are hosting a game night with some of their friends, and we're going to play the Newlywed game. I am determined to win! Hopefully Daniel and I can bring our A game!



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  1. Will you be going back to Asia or is your cute family coming back home?
    Also, will you be able to visit Caroline while you are here? I followed her first then you :)