Tuesday, February 3, 2015

January Life

Here's a post just to catch up on everything that's been going on here lately. I take a lot of pictures then hardly get around to posting them.

We celebrated my birthday in January...and really celebrated for several days...it was the best!! On my actual birthday we went out to breakfast at my favorite place to get french toast. My favorite thing is to go out for breakfast!

So I should've blogged sooner because now I don't really remember much of the day. I think we ate lunch at home??? That night we went out with some friends at a western restaurant in town, then I went to a ladies fellowship afterwards and stayed out way too late. 

When Daniel and I were brainstorming about how to celebrate my birthday this year, I had a GREAT idea.....I wanted a girls sleepover at our house! With life here things are busy and especially moms with little ones, so it's rare to get good quality time with girl friends. 

So I talked to my friends and they were all on board! Daniel made my favorite cake-White Almond Wedding Cake. We decided to make it a bundt cause I didn't have the round cake pans, and it was seriously the best looking and tasting cake ever!!

One of my friends also made me a cookie cake-so you can imagine I'm not having any trouble putting on a little extra baby weight! But since I only have 3 weeks left, I figure I need to seize the day!

My friends came over, we ordered pizza, got in our pj's, had some girl talk, watched the Miss USA pageant from last year (none of us had seen it), ate cake, played games and had the best time!!!! I'm thinking of making it an annual tradition. 

That same week a friend of a friend brought back some avocados from when he traveled to a nearby country. Avocados are VERY hard to come by here and if you find them they can be almost $10 each, so they are a big treat! But I got several for about $1 a piece!!!!! Look how massive they are!!! 

One day Paige and I were in my room while I was putting things away and I couldn't find her. Then I see these little pj feet sticking out of my closet and her little voice saying "where's Paige? where's Paige?" Too cute that girl!!!

Last week we were buying fruit at the market and Paige decided to take a little rest on a stool next to the eggs. 

Paige does blanket time almost every morning for about 40 minutes. It's a great time for me to work on email, do dishes and get a few things done. She always does the cutest things during this time.

The last two days she's been playing with this box nonstop. 

We went to the doctor's this morning and scheduled the c-section for the 24th....just 3 weeks away!!! The way things are done are a little different so I have to check in at 4pm the day before....which I'm not a fan of....but I'm working on my attitude about it :)  But in good news, the baby isn't breeched anymore!

My mom gets here in one week.....I can't wait!!! I have a long list of things for us to do-prep some freezer meals and bread, get the nursery ready, clean up some mold (i know, but just being honest...it's a problem in our city), and try to make sure everything is ready before little Joshua comes. 

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