Saturday, January 30, 2010

Family freeeeze!

Wednesday night Daniel and I piled in my car to drive to see Grandpa Paul for a family get-together. Most of Daniel's family lives in Oklahoma, which makes it nice and easy to see everyone (except for Daniel's brother Mike and his wife, Laura who are in NJ).
Here is us driving...please notice my AWESOME red peacoat i got for my birthday!! (thanks Steve & Sherry!) I love this coat. I wear it all the time. (sadly, you can't see all of it)

We had chick-fil-a (my FAVE) and visited with Grandpa at his assisted living center. It was a great night visiting, and Grandpa was in great spirits this night.

Aren't they cute??

From left: Jared (Daniel's brother, Mel (Jared's wife), Jameston, Daniel, Me, Sherry (Daniel's mom), and Grandpa.

Wednesday night we went to bed wondering what Thursday would bring. We also played a few rounds of Catchphrase, because i love being read to or playing games when we're just laying in bed before we go to sleep.
Threats of severe winter weather flashed across the news constantly....rumors of ice, snow, and sleet. Most people don't like inclement weather....I LOVE IT!!!! I love the idea of being snowed in, staying in pj's all day, eating junk food, watching movies, and (now) snuggling with my man.
Thursday morning wasn't too bad. We headed to work to see what the day would bring! We saw freezing rain all day, but it took a few hours before it started getting icy. The roads got bad fast, so we headed home about 2ish. Daniel made dinner-sorry no pics :( We had grilled salmon and a concoction of grilled potatoes and peppers. Daniel is very creative in the kitchen. So far his creativity has paid off and he has made nothing but scrumptious food!
Friday brought a lot of ice and snow. The governor declared us in a State of Emergency. We got a snow day from work (yay for 3 day weekend) and slept in. Okay, I was up by 8:30, but that's sleeping in!!

Here is what we see from our apartment:

Notice the difference in what my car looks like in a matter of a few hours:
The snow came right up to our door! looks like we got a few inches!!
This is a lot of snow!! We usually have lots of grass and sidewalk here, which is completely covered!
We can't even see out of our front window because it's covered in ice!

We just finished homemade pizza (SO good), and hanging out watching a movie. I really want to get out tomorrow and get a few groceries and hit the gym, but we've seen so many cars trying to get out of the parking lot here and getting in a lot of trouble. So we'll see what happens!

have a great weekend!


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