Wednesday, January 13, 2010

weekend rewind


Well, the weekend was great. I made Chicken Parmigiana for the first time and literally rocked my own world. I would post the link to the recipe, but i used a combo of a couple :( BUT, it was delicious with the angel hair pasta (no shrooms for this family), and red wine.  i'm not kidding, my meal looked like this.


Daniel bought me Serendipity for my birthday, so we watched that Fri night (he had never seen it), and we both quite enjoyed it. And nothing like going to bed at 9 on a Friday night!!! But we both get up around 5-5:30, so by the end of the week, we can barely make it.
Saturday, pretty much your norm. Work out, errands, then laziness followed.
On Sunday, our church had their kickoff for the Sunday nite classes. Now, normally Daniel and i refuse to do anything on Sunday nights. It's our time to spend with each other, we guard it carefully, and make sure we don't make plans. Call it conviction of the HS or a desire for community at our new church, but we decided to join the classes. Dan went to a Message behind the Music class, and I tried a class that understands and interprets the different types of literature in the Word. I'm sure you'll hear more about these in the future.

SO Monday.....the dreaded day of the week..........

We worked out after work, had sloppy joe's for dinner (not as unhealthy as you'd think they'd be), then played a grueling game of Scrabble!!

Now, Daniel has yet to beat me at this game. Let's just say it wasn't even close, and i was gloating at the end of it :) Why play Scrabble on a monday nite eh? Well, after not having a TV for a year and a half, we both wanted to make sure we never had the tv on 'just because.'
Just because we're home, or there's nothing to do, etc....If we're not watching a specific program, why use the tv as a distraction? So scrabble it was!

On to other randomness....

  • I'm addicted to Luna bar's. I got a free sample with my Moosejaw order, and haven't looked back

  • In my QT (quiet time), I'm doing a study on the HS (Holy Spirit). It's not a book or anything, i just want to know more. More thoughts on that later.....

  • I watched the Packer game on Sunday (yes i have a cheesehead), and although it was a great game...we were left disappointed. At least it was OT, so we weren't too embarassed.

  • Also in sports, Mark McGwire. I followed him in his glory days when he set the WR. Now, i'm left disappointed and thinking he needs to Man Up to his mistakes.

  • Sports cont...I'm going to the Spurs/Thunder game on Wed!!!!! LOVE me some Spurs! can't wait!!!

Wishing you a great Tuesday!



  1. Total letdown on Mark McGwire! I had to explain to Mike who he was and what had happend.

  2. I hopped over from Caroline's blog- my husband and I have not had a TV during our marriage (10 years this fall) and Scrabble is one of our favorite games to play {once the kids are in bed}. I grew up in WI and have never been a Packer fan- the first and only test I ever failed was when we moved there and I had to take a written test on the Packers in the 4th grade...yes, I am a tad bitter. But I do love cheese! :) We're headed back overseas any day- waiting for the AF to get their act together with our paperwork. We're returning to Kyiv; I understand a lot of your sentiments in your last post! Blessings!

  3. Love the cheese-head. I was just telling Matt on Sunday about you being a Packers fan as we were watching an interview with Favre.

    I love you and love reading about your life!

    Our first year of marriage we lived in Montana. We had no friends and no money...we played a lot of scrabble! It was a great year! We did nothing but go to school, our part-time jobs, and hang out with each other! A great start!