Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Wow. i really thought i would be more dedicated to blogging, but it's amazing how many other things seem more important.
Basically, here's a play by play of my weekend. It's detailed, but i want you to feel like you were there :)

Daniel and I both took off this past Friday and drove to Dallas for time with friends and fam. We couldn't start our little road trip without a visit to Chick-fil-a. I'm addicted. I would eat there every day if my waistline and budget would let me! I met a friend for lunch (Jen, one of my bridesmaids) at La Madeleine. Of course we both went to different La Mad's thinking we were at the right one. We finally got it figured out and went straight into catching up on life. I love Jen. We can go months without talking or seeing each other, and totally pick up where we left off. Daniel, ever so nicely went to a nearby restaurant to read and hang out so we could have our girl time.
Then I dropped Daniel off at my parents, while I went and spent the night with Caroline and Amy (also bridesmaids). If you want to read about it, click here. Caroline has all the pics and blogged about it :)

Side note, Amy and Caroline didn't shower on Saturday in honor of me. I hate showering. it's such a time waster. if i were a boy and could get out of the shower and go, i wouldn't care. but the time it takes to dry your hair, make up, lotion, blah blah blah. i'd rather not. I DO shower when i work out. but my strategy is to go at least every other day without showering. i just don't see the point. i don't smell or have odor or anything, so it doesn't bother me. My record for not showering is 9 days. But that's only bc i was overseas and didn't have hot water for 2 weeks. heck, i didn't even warm water. it was bordering on frigid. I finally caved and went to a showerhouse. My friends were probably grateful at this point :)

The other day Daniel was about to shower, and i was like 'what are you doing?' you showered yesterday?!' Daniel just looks at me and says ' Laura, we're in America. They have hot water here.' eh. Another reason i can go a few days without showering is my friend Amy, got me ADDICTED to this dry shampoo spray. It is the best i've ever tried. and i have oily hair. it comes in different colors too.

Saturday, I drove home and just hung out at my parents house with Daniel.  For those of you who are new to the blog- i love taking pics of myself. sometimes when i'm bored i just get out my camera and take tons of pics. someday, someone will be grateful for all this time well spent :) i have folders full of self-pics.

Here's me driving:

I was borderline feeling sick, but refused to give in, because we were going to one of my fave restaurant's for dinner. Buca di Beppo. I LOVE that place. It's family style Italian, so you all get to share food, also something i love to do. It was also Daniel's first time to eat there, because Oklahoma isn't that cool yet.
It was fun hanging out with the family, celebrating my birthday, and eating more cake.

Here are my parents with Daniel:

Daniel& mom:

me & Daniel:

We also both like our feet:

Sunday, I went to my parents church (where my dad is the pastor), then we ate a delicious homecooked meal before hitting the road. When we got to OKC, we dumped our bags at home, then hit the grocery store, because we had left the house barren of any food. We tried to hurry because the Saints/Vikings game was on! We were both dying to watch the game. It was a GREAT game. We wanted the Vikes to win, but at least they forced OT and made it a nail biter.

Randomness, I feel very domestic lately. We had a great (and healthy) dinner Monday night of grilled chicken, baked potato, and steamed broccoli. Then I baked Chocolate Zuchini bread for breakfast this morning. It's one of Daniel's faves. I however, think it's unnatural for zuchini to be mixed with chocolate.
Last night I make Bulgogi-Korean BBQ. It was delicious!!! and also my first time to marinade anything. (is it marinade or marinate??)

It's Wednesday morning, and i just finished off my FREE cfa chicken biscuit. OKC locations had free breakfasts on wednesday's in January. i took pics on my phone, but i can't figure out how to get the pics to my email, so i'll have Daniel show me later.

-TBL fans-can you believe the red team???? ugh i am hoping she goes home soon.
-we're supposed to have really bad weather tomorrow and friday. I am not-so-secretly hoping for lots of snow. I love it!
-i email Caroline all day long with my blog questions. i want to change my background but am not ready to commit yet
-i love to be read to.
-new blog post coming soon of our apt! can't wait!
-Daniel and I are SO excited about the winter Olympics!! we've been looking forward to opening ceremonies for months now!!



  1. Hmm, Ive been wanting to try dry shampoo. (for the days I don't workout) you are the second person in a week to mention it - now I really gotta go try it!

  2. Ok so marinate is the verb and marinade is the noun. Yuck on the Buca di Beppo, I have never left the restaurant liking what I ate. Anyways, I am so excited about the Olympics, I have been annoying Mike and watching the womens ice skating championships. Love Ya!

  3. I have a recipe for chocolate zuch. cake- it's fantastic!! :)