Saturday, January 9, 2010

addicted already??

I'm afraid so my friends.

 it seems i can't stay away. i'm wondering if there is some unwritten blog rule, that you're not supposed to post more than once a day? if so please tell me, and i'll try to store up my thoughts and wait to unload them on you all at one time :)
I thought i'd post some pics today, to kinda give you a better idea of who i am. First of all, I just got married. People ask how long we've been married, i say 'about a month and a haf' and i get 'the look.' The one that silently conveys what they're thinking "just wait, oh so you're still new....blah blah blah' i don't like that look.

anyways... meet Daniel. My best friend, my completion, my lover. Note from the picture he is a Sooners fan. And since i've never gotten into college sports, i tagged along and became one as well.
I have one older sister, Sarah. She's married with 2 boys now. I LOVE my nephews. Grant, the oldest, is just a fun age. he'll talk to me on the phone and says the funniest things. Ethan just walks around and claps. So he's fun too, in a non-verbal way.

I love my brother-in-law Mike. He's a pilot which automatically makes him cool. They live in Houston.  I have parents in Ft. Worth, but sadly no good pics of them right now, so just sit tight in anticipation.
And of course, what is a girl without her friends? I've been BLESSED with the friends in my life. Always there, constant friendship, and love to death. you know who you are. i would post pics of ALL my friends, but then i'd leave someone out, and i don't feel there is a need to categorize here.

                                                                              My sister. i love her.

Above: Caroline, Amy, Sarah, & Jen
Me and Tabi. She lives in Japan. too far away

Hmmm...I'm looking forward to the weekend! Tonight: making chicken parmigiana for the first time (let you know how that goes), and QT with my man. Tomorrow: errands, work out, and hopefully a relaxing evening. Sunday: church- we're starting a new sunday nite class, and are excited. I'll let you know all about it!!



  1. I love it! It is such a cute blog!

  2. I love your blog! It makes me feel like we are virtually still on the middle lunch and at Pei Wei (minus the yummy food!). Glad you are doing well and can't wait for more stories! My blog is pretty lame so don't get too excited by the link to it. :)

  3. Hi roomie! I love your new blog - so cute! I'm excited to have an easy way to find out what's going on in your life! :) I'd love to hear more about the book you're reading - it sounds good! Have a good week!
    -Kristen :)

  4. Welcome to the blogosphere! You're off to a great start!