Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kindred Spirits

I'm writing this post from the comfiness of my own couch. Yep, i'm home sick today.

I've been feeling bad for the last several days and nothing has been working, so i made a dr's appointment for this morning. Not shocking, i have another sinus infection. This is the third one in about 5 months. I am blaming the state of Oklahoma because i've never had so many allergy problems in my life. The dr today recommended moving to Arizona.......stay tuned on the moving part :)

So I called my dad (in Texas) cos he's been feeling sick too. He also went to the dr and we both got prescribed the same RX and same diagnosis. Our fevers were pretty close in temp too. I call us prescription buddies, ha!

And because i believe you can totally buy my happiness, i got a  CFA choc milkshake and sandwich on the way home. I KNOW how many calories are in those things but i technically left one sip left, so i didn't finish the whole thing, ha! But it has been helping my throat. I want to keep something soothing on it at all times...i really want to buy stock in Panera's iced green tea. i love it!!!

anyways....i'm at home. Waiting for the meds to kick in and do their thing and dreaming of days when my throat didn't hurt......



  1. Aw, hope you feel better!! :(

  2. I'm sorry you're sick. I hope you feel better soon.