Sunday, April 3, 2011

Running Update

Thursday I registered Daniel and I for the OKC Marathon...we're running the half. It will be my second to run and Daniel's first.

I'm going into this race much more undertrained that the last one. When I ran my first in October, i was diligent about keeping to the training schedule. Of course, i got really sick right before and had a horrible race. But at least i finished!!!

I was hoping this one would be much better, but life has us SO busy, which means our long runs happen about every other weekend. Lately we've been running only 2-3 times a week. Not great when trying to prepare for a half coming up. But not much we can do about our schedules either.....

Anyways....we got in 4 miles on Thursday and set out to do 10 this morning. However, i wasn't feeling good all day yesterday. Daniel went bowling with friends from church last night, and i literally laid on the couch bundled in a blanket watching House Hunters.

I was feeling better this morning, but not great. But i also didn't feel like i had a lot of options...i needed to do this run.

The first 6 miles were right on pace, and i felt like i should've stopped then. But I did another 4 mile loop. My body just broke down at mile 9. The last 2 miles were SO hard! I wanted to stop and walk home. I finished. Mostly out of pride because i knew Daniel was finishing a good 20 minutes before me.

Daniel had an awesome run this morning!! He is going to do so well at his first half.

I'm hoping that in 2 weeks (cos we're out of town next weekend), my 12 miles will feel better than my 10 did today. I'm mostly feeling tired, and there is something def UP with my left side No matter what position i'm in, my left side (lower back/hip area) is clearly unhappy with me.

i'm SO SO SO thankful that we are having a low key weekend. I hate to throw around the word 'deserve', but we totally needed this :)

I'm currently watching golf on's so relaxing to me, and strangely i always get pretty into it, ha!

If i get motivated i'm going to straighten up the house a bit and go get groceries. Then tonight is DATE night!!! We're going out to a real restaurant (not fast food!) and then spending the evening in watching Despicable Me....we haven't seen it yet.

It's beautiful outside today and hope everyone is getting to enjoy it!!! are you??



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