Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life right now

Just wanted to give an update on where things are right now.

Craigslist is still my new best friend. I can barely take myself away from my computer for fear that someone is emailing me about something i've listed for sale. And no, i don't have email on my phone, ha! Right now, we're really trying to sell Daniel's durango. It would make life a lot simpler right now, if someone bought it.

We are packing, which translates into making a bigger mess and just moving piles around. We have to be out of our apartment by Saturday. My mom, the EXPERT packer is coming up tomorrow night to help us finish packing and sort through what is staying here, what is going with us to East Asia, and what needs to be sold/given away. I'm trying not to be emotionally attached, so i can get rid of a lot more. There's definitely freedom in having less belongings.

Here's the guest room. I try to never go in it.

More piles.

The clothes i'm getting rid of. Yeah, that's 3 trash bags full. And i've already given away 3 other bags so far this year. Clearly, downsizing was called for in my life.

All the hanging clothes are what i'm planning on taking with me. It doesn't include my running clothes or pj's. But i feel pretty good about it. i'll probably wear most things for at least 2 days in a row, so less is more!

 And this pic is for Sarah. I called her about 2 weeks ago and told her i found a really cute shirt and tank i wanted to layer together. She instantly had a fashion panic attack and could not believe i would layer a tee with a tank. I think it looks cute! Also, ignore the nosepiece marks, i was wearing my glasses and took them off for the pic.

Had a good 5 mile run this morning. And i'm going a little stir crazy. Usually i can stay indoors for days-reading, watching movies, etc....but because there is so much to do and pack, i'm needing to get out a lot more. I also have the desire to go shopping, which is pretty much wrong on so many levels (hence the trash bags).

We are buying our tickets tonight. It's becoming real. Sometimes i think we're crazy.




  1. We're so excited for y'all!!! Thanks for the updates. We look fwd to making the same type of move someday when God opens that door.

  2. Thinking about you all. Heard about this through the grapevine! Excited to see you on this side!