Sunday, June 5, 2011


Last Saturday i met up with Caroline to spend the day, catch up, and say the inevitable 'good bye.'

We went to one of our faves....Cheesecake Factory!!! yum yum yum! We both got our usual, Louisiana Chicken Pasta and split the new Reeses cheesecake!

SO, after having lunch Caroline DRAGGED me to Pea in the Pod.

We walked in and Caroline started asking the sales woman about clothes for me to try on. The lady looked at me, and (thankfully!) asked how far along i was, because i wasn't showing yet, ha!!! I'm glad she didn't say i was showing even just a little! After getting thru the awkwardness of telling her i'm not pregnant and won't be in any time soon (that i know ha!), we started browsing.

We plan to start a family while we're in East Asia, and maternity clothes are hard to come by. So Caroline thought it would be a GREAT idea to start maternity shopping now. We strapped on the belly and had the best time EVER!

Who knew that preggo belly was SO much fun? I know that you don't just gain belly weight, but lots of things get bigger, but i'd be pretty happy if i could look like this whenever the day comes. The belly is supposed to make me 7 months.

This might be a weird thing for us to do, but seriously best.time.ever.

My nephews, Grant and Ethan have been here all week. Ethan still closes his eyes when we try and take a pic.

Ethan likes to play doctor. I'm not sure what he's doing here...checking blood pressure?

We went to the pool yesterday and i tried several times to get pictures of the boys, but they will not sit still! I don't have any pics with me and Grant, or me with both the boys. My goal today is to get some good pics of us.

Tomorrow is the big day! We'll go to church in the morning, eat lunch, then get ready to fly out. it's insane.




  1. Goodness, you sure make a cute "pregnant" lady!

  2. Haha I love it! You made me kind of want to go a maternity store and try on a belly :)