Sunday, June 19, 2011

Quick update

We're about to spend our third night in our new home. There have been a few issues but overall it feels SO good to have our own space and start settling in.

Today i decided to make breakfast because i haven't cooked in almost 2 months and we had everything to make scrambled eggs and toast. i was so excited to be making our first breakfast in our new place. But since we're still settling in and setting up house, i forgot that we don't have a skillet yet, and that we hadn't unpacked our silverware, and didn't have any cooking utensils, or any salt/pepper. SO we improvised and i cooked the eggs using chopsticks and we ate the eggs with onion and garlic powder on them. It was definitely missing some salt, but still tasted good!

THEN i wanted to make dinner tonight. We have only bought the basic groceries so far, but i figured i  could do baked chicken, oven potatoes, and broccoli. Well the chicken ended up cooking in half the normal time so it sat on the counter for 30 minutes while everything else cooked, the potatoes never cooked all the way so we ate them undercooked bc we were so hungry, and when Daniel was cutting up the brocolli AFTER we had cooked it, he found a couple of large worms inside. ahhhhhhhh.......

All in all, we didn't start any fires and we did end up eating, so we called is a success, ha!

I know cooking here will take some getting used to, but i'm excited to figure things out. Tomorrow Daniel is travelling a little outside the city and i'm going to look for fabric to have our bedding made. This is actually an easier and cheaper option, as long as i can find some fabric i like.

I haven't run at all since we've been here. It's been about 2 weeks. So i'm hoping Tuesday morning to get at least a short run in, just to see if i've still got it, hahahaah! But seriously i've already lost 5 pounds since getting here, so i have less motivation to run. We've been walking all over and moving stuff so i've been way too tired to think of doing anything extra. But hopefully some running will happen this week.

Well it's bedtime here, Happy Father's Day!!!



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