Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's thursday morning

Each week i keep thinking life will slow down and we'll do all the things we need to get the house settled and finished, and i'll grocery shop and have time to be outside. But each day is busier than i expected and most of those things don't happen.

I wasn't feeling well the last few days, which also slowed me down. I think it's just sinuses.

Language class is going well! Yesterday we learned 53 words. We don't learn that many every day. Some days we learn a lot, some days we review and put everything together that we've learned so far. Today is one of those days.


We found a GREAT noodle shop just down from our house. I'll take pics next time we go. It's delish!

This has been the week of broken things: our kitchen light (not the light but some type of weird box on it), washing machine, and now internet. Our internet is still out, but we're hoping things stop breaking on us.

We have friends in our city that it seems everytime we go to their house they lose water. I'm starting to think we should find a new place to hang out, ha!

I tried practicing my language with my taxi driver yesterday and isntead of saying i was going to start studying language in 2 months at the university, i told him i was going to open the door in 2 years.

Hopefully i'll have time to do another post this weekend with some pics.

Have a good Wed night/thursday morning whereever you are!



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  1. Well, you never koww what doors you will have opened in two years...
    Love your stories always!