Friday, June 3, 2011

Girls Get Away

Sarah and I went to Fredericksburg, TX this past Sun-Tues for a girls get away. It was great to just get away and have some girly sister time. We watched movies, drank coke, ate junk food, and just enjoyed the sister time before i take off for a few years.

We stayed at the CUTEST B&B! i would recommend staying here to anyone!!! The lady is so sweet! We had homemade cookies every day, peach tea in the afternoons, a movie library, free sodas, and just the best little touches that made everything fun!

We pretty much ate our way through the town. We'd been saving calories, ha! We ate at Hondos' after TPG's recommendation. It was really good!

Each morning we were served the both amazing gourmet breakfast. I forgot to take a pic of Tuesday's, but it was a fruit delight (banana pudding, fruit, granola), eggs, toast, bacon, and butter pecan french toast. yum!

(oatmeal crisp)

Monday we spent the day shopping and eating chocolate at every store we could find that sold it. Which is a lot.

We had lunch at a tea cafe. It was delish.

Tuesday we went for massages and pedicures. The massages were great. The pedicures were ehhh. But the relaxation time was much needed!!!

I'm going to try and blog a few more times before we leave on Sunday. I want to post some pics from hanging out with Caroline and my week with my nephews.

P.S. Daniel and i were just introduced to Angry Birds. Our lives are now changed forever!



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